Born Again
Five, Happy Ending?
Written By: Makami

Misha lay, snuggled up against Kotarou on the couch. He had his arms wrapped around her chest. She was finally asleep, finally calmed down. He had not expected that there were two sides of Misha. Two different girls. Neither aware of what the other did.

'I wonder what Kotaroh-san... did. It doesn't make sense,' he thought. 'Why create a new Misha? A blank? And why make it so that they can change between each other?'

He felt her shift atop him.


"Ko... Kotarou... kun..." she mumbled. She snuggled against him.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

"I'll do my best to protect you."


Misha could feel the cold darkness of the livingroom. There was a faint light, but cold and unwelcoming, the sun was hidden by storm clouds and its true warmth could not pass. The light that was there was an illusion of warmth, nonexistant.

"Ah..." She finally opened her lavender eyes to the room. It was brighter than she had expected, but depressing non-the-less.

Warmth radiated from Kotarou's body beneath her. He was warm, alive, full of something she was sure that she was missing.


'Weird,' she thought. She had never felt that before. She had never felt so open to the world. She could hear voices, feel what they felt, and somehow she knew that was right.

'It's calming. Peaceful.'

Trying her hardest not to disturb Kotarou, she eased herself into a sitting position. It was hard to be small enough to fit between his legs and go unnoticed. The couch provided so little room to them.

"So this is where you went," a woman's voice growled. "And what the heck are you wearing!? Seriously, Misha!"

Misha raised her lavender eyes to meet brilliant blue ones. A young woman was floating above her. She wore a white and blue dress and heeled boots; her hair was long and blond, perfect. A certain warmth filled the room.

She said the first thing that came to mind,

"You're an angel."

The blond stumbled, in that was possible in mid-air. Her eyes narrowed and she placed her hands on her hips.


Misha smiled, "I guess he really was telling me the truth, then. Wow, an angel!"

"Uh..." the blond was speechless. She shook her head. "This is no time to be playing around here on the Surface World, girlie. Some nasty demon... he's cursing angels to a life of mortality, get it?"

Misha blinked.

"Oh, well, um, is that what happened...?"

"What happened...?" She folded her arms under her chest. "Girl, everyone's been totally worried. This stupid curse--it kills, Misha! As in dead. Disappear. Poof!"

"Am I going to die?" That question hardly phased her. She was not supposed to exist in the first place, so who was she to worry about her own death? She understood, that dark slumber, that nothingness--while she existed the true Misha lived in that. She was afraid of losing herself after a few moments of that; Misha, the true one, had been living there for days now."

"You have me mistaken."


She ran her hands through her hair and thought. If she was not the true Misha, then who was she? Misha was an angel; she was someone with that name. To exist on her own, she would need her own name.

"Misha is not my name."

The blond was looking concerned now. She lowered herself to the ground, never breaking eye contact.

"My lord," she breathed, "no. No!"

"Misha, what are you staring at?"

She glanced over at Kotarou. She hadn't even noticed that he was awake. He was laying there, perfectly still, his golden-green eyes focused on her. They were filled with concern, she noted.

"I'm not Misha," she repeated adamantly. "I am not her. I never will be."

"Don't tell me it got you," the blond said in a choked whisper. "Oh, Misha, tell me this is a joke. Just a really bad joke. You recognize me, don't you?"

She shook her head, still watching Kotarou carefully.

"Kotarou-kun, what blond angel did Misha know?"

"Uh..." The talking about herself in third person bit was throwing him off. She had not minded being called Misha up until now. What had changed?

"Your sister, Sasha."

"Sasha, then," she said, sounding very cold and distant, sort of professional. "Tell whoever you came in place of that Misha cannot return with you, and that I, Miya, am also unable to. A mortal body, after all, correct? Kotarou-kun told me that it is impossible."

Wide eyed, Sasha reached out for her sister. "Misha--" She passed through her.

"I-Is Sasha here, Misha?" Kotarou asked. He tried to sit up wihtout knocking Misha, but that proved to be quite the task.For the first time in all of those years, he truly regretted his wish.

"It can't be..." Sasha whispered. Tears welled in her eyes. She fought off the urge to cry and pulled herself back.

"I am sorry," 'Miya' apologized. She bowed her head.

"Misha?" Kotarou gazed blindly around the room. H saw nothing. No blond angel named Sasha.

'Miya' had to bite her bottom lip. Hard. She wanted to cry. Deep inside her, Misha was already crying. It hurt to see that look of betrayel, of raw pain, on her sister's face. She hadn't meant for this to happen--honest--so why was everyone that Misha was close to suffering?

In the blink of an eye Sasha had herself as calm and composed as possible. Her face was unreadable, her eyes icy. If you had not seen the last few minutes, you would not have known any better.

"I am going to speak to the PTB about all of this," she said. "They'll know what's for the best. So you just, uh, y' know, stay here and I'll come right back."

"Of course," 'Miya' nodded, watching Sasha as she left. It hurt so badly...

After a long moment, or maybe a short one that just felt long, Kotarou shoook her gently. She looked to him, dazed, eyes glassy, full of tears, her bottom lip trembled. She felt torn up inside. But the sight of him made her feel better.

"Oh, Kotarou-kun..." she choked out. He drew her, silently, into his arms and held her. He didn't know what to say, so he held her wordlessly, and listened to her cry.

"Oh God, I hate myself!"


Sick of crying, Miya lay quietly on Kotarou, her head resting on his chest. She could hear, and feel, his heart beating in his chest. It was a wonderful sound, so soothing.

Kotarou had one arm around her shoulders, with his other hand he rubben lazy circles over her lower back. After she calmed down a bit, Miya explained to him what Sasha had told her, and why she wished to have her own name. He was disturbed by Sasha's news. What was Kotaroh thinking?

A curse that killed?

How long did she have? Would she be forced to suffer? Would she even die?

Why did Kotaroh make such a dangerous curse in the first place?

"Feeling better?" he asked.

"Yeah. Just tired... again," she sighed. "Everyone is suffering because Misha's gone. I wonder if she knew how much you all loved her."

"You are Misha," he insisted.

"Not even close," she laughed, empty and cold. "I'm just a shadow. A shadow of the angel named Misha."

"I'm back," Sasha called as she came through the windows. Misha shifted herself so that she could watch her.

Sasha shook her head, "this would be so much easier if Mr. Wonderboy could still see angels."

"What was decided?"

Kotarou started to sit up, still holding on to Misha. He guessed that Sasha was back.

"Sa-Sasha-san?" he questioned.

"Awright, Babe, it is as follows," she declared with a bitter smile. She pulled out a piece of paper and read, "due to the circumstances, you are to remain here with Kotarou Higuchi until such time that we know how to remove the curse. Oh, and everythin' gonna be taken care of, too, okay? By next week you'll be in your old apartment, with all of your tuff. As for the mortal, Kotarou Higuchi, he is a temporary guardian."

"Guardian?" she repeated unsurely.

"Mish--Miya, what's she saying?"

"I'm allowed to stay, and you'll be my guardian."


"Temporary," Sasha stressed. "An angel will be assigned to you when it's safer."

Miya smiled softly.

"So, then, it's all settled, right?"

"Would you tell me what's going on?" He was getting annoyed now. "Mi-Miya?"

"Yeah, it's all settled," Sasha sighed. Her eyes softened and she smiled a little. "You always wanted this, girl, so I hope it works out."


"Sa-chan," she corrected.


"It's cuter. And besides, we're sister. Don't be so formal."

Alright, Sa-chan."

They smiled at each otehr.

"Anyways," Sasha continued, "fill him in. I gotta be going."

"See ya." Miya waved.

"Y-Yeah. See ya around."

She left. Miya stared out the window then sighed. When she looked back to Kotarou, he was obviously confused. She explained most of what had happened, about what the PTB had decided.

"Wow," was the only word Kotarou could think of when she finished. "That's... wow."

"Yeah," she agreed. She stared at the carpeted floor. "So then, that's what we do, I guess."

He smiled.

"Yeah, Miya."

There was a click at the front door, followed by, "I'm home, Kotarou!"

'Now all that's left is explaining this to Dad...'

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