Chapter 2: An Angel in moonlight

“Klaus, su? Wake up, su!” Misha gently nudged a sleeping Klaus. His fever was down a bit and he looked peaceful. Misha hesitated to wake him up. He looks more peaceful than he does when he wakes up. The only expression she’s ever seen him make was serious, mad, and the forced smile he did earlier. Misha pushed him a bit more until he woke up.

“M-Misha-san?” He got up and rubbed his eyes. “What time is it? It’s dark already? Where’s Shima?” He asked Misha who was smiling at him. He turned away blushing.

“Shima-san’s asleep. It was dinner time but she didn’t want to wake you up. It’s eleven o’clock, su. I woke you up to eat something’ or else you will be starved tomorrow, su.” Misha stood up and heated something in the oven.

Klaus walked over to the kitchen and watched Misha make him dinner. “Maybe she isn’t so bad after all” He thought to himself. “This is bad, if the demons find out that I’m being friends with an angel, they’ll get mad at me.”

“Is something the matter, su?” Misha said carrying a plate of curry and placed it down the table. “You feeling sad? I can make yous happy! Su!”

“No thanks,” Klaus said with a weak smile as he started eating the curry. “Misha-san…”

“Urm uhm, Yes su?” Misha looked at him. “How does it taste, su?”

“It’s good. You’ve gotten better since the last time you cooked.” Klaus said, though he still yearns for blood. His demon side hasn’t left him. Even though Misha’s cooking was great, it wasn’t close to how good blood tasted in his mouth.

Misha looked at him seriously. When he was done with his food, she took his hands and opened the window.

“You imbecile! What the hell are you trying to do!” Klaus said and tried to free his hands from her grasp but it was no use.

“Flyin’ su!” Misha looked at him and smiled. She took her shoes off and flew in the sky. This was Klaus’ second time flying with Misha. The first time was in his cat self. He looked down at the ground.

Misha landed on top of a huge tower and smiled. She let the wind flow through her face and she let her hair fly. “This is the greatest, Su! Being on top of everything is great, su!” She said happily and looked at Klaus who was staring at her.

Klaus continued to stare at Misha and thought about how pretty she looked with her pink hair loose. He never felt this feeling before. This feeling made him want to float up to the sky and never come back.

“Su?” Misha looked at him. “Are you daydreaming, su?” She said and waved her hands in front of him.

“Oh! I’m sorry. So Misha-san, why did you fly us here?” He said and looked at the purple sky.

“Oh ums, you looked like you were feeling down and ums, I wanted to make you feel lots better.” Misha said and flew up. “This place used ta make me feel better.”

“Oh, Earlier, I was feeling down because… I don’t deserve this life… People other than me deserve this life. They’ve done better things than I have.” He said. “Liar,” He thought. “I’m a liar. That’s all I am.” Klaus sighed. “The real reason that I was sad is that because if the demons find out that I’m hanging out with you, they’ll surely abandon me.”

“Whelpers, you might not realize it, su. But one person can change the whole world. Everyone has a purpose to live, su. Maybe you’re alive for the sake of one person. I means, you’ve made me happy, su! You’re opening up to me right now, and that’s making me happy!” Misha smiled at him and took his hand. She placed it in her heart and looked at him sadly. “Angels… Angels, no matter how good they are, aren’t alive. Sometimes, we envy the living for that reason. But some angels are forgetting something. They exist. They might not be alive but they exist and that’s close enough to living. Existing is enough for me, su. Angels exist to make people happy, or at least, that’s what I think. I’m not making much sense am I?”

Klaus smiled. “No, Misha-san, you’re right. I’ll try living happier from now on… Thanks Misha-san.” He grew sad that her heart wasn’t beating. “Oh, and Misha-san,”

“Yes urm, su?” Misha said happily. When Klaus smiled, she felt that it’s the first time she’s seen his true smile.

“Thanks.” Klaus said and turned away from Misha. He felt like he grew softer after he became human-after he met Misha. He never used to feel happiness, but being with her little by little is warming his cold exterior. She opened up some of his sides that he never knew he had.

“Nyah? For what, su?” Misha looked at him curiously. She noticed that he seemed to turn his back on her a lot.

“Just take us back home, I’m tired.” He looked at her with a serious face again.

“Okies, su!” Misha said and took his hand again and smiled.

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