"Who are you?"

"We'll both get out answers in good time, Angel."

With a soft laugh, Karina pushed herself up and away from the bed. She had been right about the way to wake him. 'An angel out of Heaven cannot sustain himself', she recalled the words written in her late master's diary. Because of that, angels always came down in pairs, and remained in the mortal realm as shortly as possibly. But he was here alone, and for whatever reason there was a different between that and having another to draw energy from, he had fallen into a coma.

She laughed again, "you should thank me. I wasn't so slow that you died before I rememebered that answer."

He got himself sitting up while she spoke. He looked a little self-conscious when he pulled the blanket up to cover his body.

"Answer? For... what?" he questioned. He stared at her as if she was an alien. Maybe to him, she was.

She placced her hands on her hips. He looked so sweet and innocent. He wasn't quite as angelic looking as she remembered, but he was still cute.

"Okay, well, I guess in human terms, you've been sleeping for a week," she told him. "And now you're awake because I gave you some of my energy."

He stared at her, uncertainly, as if he was waiting for her to finish with 'just kidding'. But she wouldn't, and she didn't. Even if she understood why he was giving her that look, it wsa too late now.

His eye twitched, and he scowled at her.

"You did what?" he asked softly, though underlining his gentle tone was anger.

A little stratled by his reaction, Karina took a step back. The spell that she had used was powerful, yes. In fact, the one who had developed it for human use was her late master, who somehow ran into enough abandoned angels to need it. All she had to do was offer up some of her energy to help him survive in this world. Normally, his spiritual energy was not compatable with this world. By fusing their together, he was. And so what if there were a few minor side effects? It worked, no one died, and everyone was happy.


"Well, you see... When I thought about it, I realized that I'd read about this before, a long time ago," she explained, running a hand through her hair. "And, well, you were on your own when you, uh, 'came' here. And angels always come in pairs. I think that he said it was something about stability, that if the energy has another to flow into, and then goes back and forth, it will remain within you--or something like that, I don't actually know--but when you're alone, you can't sustain yourself." She smiled, proud of herself.

Maybe this was just a bad dream. It would explain everything about this situation. Everything, but the fact that he had never had a "dream" before. Only humans had dreams. So there was no way that this could be a dream--he was not human. But what else could explain why this dark-haired woman was speaking so educatedly about his kind?

"You look confused," she said after a long moment of silence.

"Do I?" he asked, looking down. "I would guess that it is because a strange devil woman is speaking of things she should not know."

She looked hurt for a moment, then shrugged. Her shoulder length hair bounced from the jerky movement.

"Who are you?" he repeated his first question, narrowing his eyes at her. Again the woman shrugged at him. Annoyed, he sighed back. "Then tell me, how is it that you know so much about my--angels?"

"You're an angel, aren't you?" she accused.

He shook his head and sighed again. "Where did you get such an idea from?"

"The same as where you got 'devil woman' from," she replied.

He glared at the woman. He was trying to be serious, and she was actling like a human child whose feelings were hurt. Granted, she was a human, but she was not a child. Far from that, if her claims were true. The spell required to share energy was known even to the youngest of angels, but among humans there was only ignorance of it. So then, this woman was very powerful and had some connection to angels, in order to know it. He sensed nothing special about her, though. But couldn't that be a testament to her skill?

Still glaring he said, "since you must be a strong shaman of some sort, I will forgive you for tainting me."

"Tainting?" she repeatedm taking a step back. She looked as though she'd been slapped in the face. "Hey, I saved your ungrateful ass, Angel-Boy!"

"Do not call me that, Devil Woman!"he yelled back, suddenly very angry.

"Then don't call me 'Devil Woman'! I have a name!" she shouted back.

"I do not care!"

"You stupid angel!" she cried. She took a step backwards again, then to the side and away, hesitated, and left the room while muttering curses under her breath.

He glared at her back while she left. He was ungrateful? More like, she was the ungrateful one. He was being kind enough to forgive her actions against him, and that was how she reacted. It was not like he expected any more than that out of a human, but he was still disappointed. She was a powerful shaman, right? And she knew about angels. So she should have been more mature.

So this is what I am stuck with...?

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