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The Story
30-10-05 "Up and Almost running"
Greetings and welcome to my soon to be up and running Rurouni Kenshin fansite.
The site will include various things, but most important about the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga.
I have been wanting to create a RK fansite for a long time but never really got to it. Now finally I hope that I can find the time to complete this. Shadow Hitokiri will be my ultimate attempt on the best RK fansite.
I will also include various roms for games. Don't get too anxious, I will only put on SNES roms and Sega's MegaDrive roms. I find that 2d gaming is very addictive and that these two consoles are the best from the old 2d age and have the most games. For every rom I post I will add a review. So you know what you're downloading.
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