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DJ's Writing Spot!

Hey. Welcome to the official site (-coughs-) For the Manga-ka group... RELEASE! Yaaay! I know how happy you all are to finally see we have our site back up! I was so pissed when they took it down v.v Brady! I decided that you can help with the site thingie blogger thing! Wow that wasnt vague or anything... A-ny-ways! I'm at school now fixing the site that angelfire so cruelly tore down, but once I figure out how that paypal thing works I'll have it back up. -sighs- Man! I had!! Now it's gone! Gone forever! If one of you rabid fans wants to restart it and oh so generously pay for the site host I will love you forever! And I will like...-shrug- sign your shirt or something...Hehe anyway ttfn I gotta make a blogger spaaaace!

kYlA's WrItInG sPaCe Of UlTiMaTe DoOm
Howdy y'all!(i wish i really had an accent like that) Yeah... um... DJ, you're the best for getting me to help you with the manga!(you couldn't have it without me. it would just be a... novel or something)Also, I would like to thank all the fans(whoever you are), cuz when DJ told me there were some of you, I was totally hyper and happy and ecstatic!! I was also being pigheaded and saying "HAHA! We have fans and you don't!" to semi-random people. And incase you were wondering, I was the one who came up with the name!^^ At first it was THONG, but I'm pretty sure that was just a joke...

Kayla's Writing Space

Billie-Jean's Writing Space
Billie-Jean WRITE HERE!!!