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Other Distinguishing Features: From head to toe, he was almost as unique as he could be. His hair was bleached white, yet had some hints of a light blue, and it was long and untamed, to the bottom of his shoulderblades, and tied back in a black scrunchie. His eyes were golden with an outline of ebony to contrast it all. This seemed to be mere makeup, but it was his natural skins. His fingernails were naturally a steel blue to match hints in his hair, and he nearly always wore a white jacket, oversized for him, and his treasured belonging. He wears a black, sleaveless shirt, and black pants covering his ebony boots, which were half his calf in height. Even his teeth were unique. Not in a wolf's shape or style, but a natural, neat scissor cut, from the canines back to the molars it was this way*

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