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I stood here with the lasso around my neck. Watching
everyone in the crowd at my school tell me to jump.
They donít care about me. Iím nothing to them. I feel
a sudden push behind me encouraging me to jump. I
think this over a couple more times. I am gothic no
one will miss me or care if I died here on this stage.
The push is harder this time. When I look into the
crowd, I see a boy. The only one who does not want me
to jump off here. As Iím pushed I cry.

Because I now know that one person cares about me.
One person does not what me to jump. Iím too late. I
feel my feet floating in the air. Last thing I see is
him running towards me. The rope tightens around my
next as my vision slowly turns black. He jumps up on
the stage and pulls me up releasing my neck from the
cold hands of death and holds me close.
My eyes slowly open as the rope burns on my neck begin
to sting. I looked at him, His brown eyes staring into
my green eyes. He looked at me with a concerned look
on his face. As smile appears on my Black lips he
leans His face closer to mine embracing me in his

He lifts me up and I grab his blue collar shirt
holding onto him. I bury my eyes into his chest, tears
form in my eyes. My black eye liner messed up. I lift
my head up looking at my savior and smiles at him. He
smiles back kissing me in front of everyone. Preps,
Goths, punks, skaters and the others just gasp to see
him, kissing me, A Goth. My eyes close as we kissed.
Embracing each other was all I ever wanted and now I
had it. I was never to be alone anymore. I was never
to shed lonely tears, I was never to feel sadness like
I used to. I was now happy, and loved. All I ever

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