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02 April 2005

NEW LAYOUT! I have added a couple more things to the site. Nothing to dramtic but still ok.. I added a couple pictures and a Story of mine Hope you like.

28 March 2005

Newly Added stuff.. I added a couple more pictures.. I know I'm getting slow on this but I'm not using my computer.. I have to use someone elses so bare with me.

27 March 2005

Dispite my Depressing mood I still updated.. I added background music. Music By Metallica. I also added 3 new pictures to the Gallery. I will resize the images on a later date.

22nd March 2005

RazorBladeRomance's Grand opening. I'd like to welcome you here. ^_^; I will be added Gallerys soon, its just the site is now opening With a Beautiful Layout Created by Moogle.

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