Get this filthy cursor off me before I rip the flesh from your bone.
__________________________________________________ We Know 

Where You Live. __________________________________________________

It was that room...that room where darkness reigned supreme. The door being slightly ajar, you decided to investigate. But somehow...this door was not at all as....friendly as you would have liked.


You went in anyway, deciding that it was better to know what you were afraid of. And in the corner of that dark, lonely room, came a glow, a crimson bloody glow of a solitary flame. You immediately took a step back, but the door slammed shut and seemed to disappear into the darkness.

"Who's there?" You called, and the flame spread, yes, spread across as if it was crawling up the wall, so that the room was a box with a flaming outline. It lit up the place, and there in the middle of it all lay a small blackened figure. An human. Dead.

You gasped; he must have perished in the flame. " poor...." Your words were cut off as he lifted his head. His shock of black hair fell in his face, almost covering his gleaming amber eyes. It seemed he'd dyed the ends red and orange, so that his hair resembled flames. His eyes were outlined in dark black. And his clothing....he wore such baggy jeans, it wasimpossible to tell if there were even legs within them, save for the rips and holes. Rusted, corroded chains hung from everywhere possible on his body. His shirt was a ripped-up thing that looked like something off of a buried dead. And he wore a black leather choker, littered with metal spikes.

"Well, what are you staring at? That's right, I'm talking to you. You got a problem?" He sneered, his figers pointed at you. "I don't know what you're doing here. I don't care what you're doing. But if you have a problem, get out of my room."

You shook your head quickly. "It's fine. I take it you're Akane?"

He smirked at you, standing up. Shreds of black and red mesh hung from where he'd torn them. "That's Mr.Akane, to you." __________________________________________________
Opinion is Pointless, Unless it's Mine.....

[+] Abandoned Warehouse Raves
[+] Skateboarding at Dusk
[+] Bullying the Weak
[+] Gang Graffitti
[+] Heavy Metal & Punk Rock
[x] Preps
[x] Soap
[x] Classical Music
[x] Fine Arts
[x] Light
__________________________________________________ It's All 

About Me.

He looked you up and down, a cynical look on his face. "So. Why are you here?"

You gulped, for you did not know why you were there, either. "I was wondering...if I could learn more about you?" You pulled out of your head, hoping they were the right words to say to this dangerous-looking child.

"Wha?" He looked very surprised, and then suspicious. "Nobody's ever said that before." He shrugged, as if he was rather pleased to have someone interested in his life. "Sure. I'll show you my crap."

He walked over by his large, wrought iron bed. "This is my guitar." He said softly, lifting a black and red rock guitar from the stand beside it. "It's an electric guitar, of course. I started playing about two years ago." He plugged in the wire and strummed a few bars of some song, the music screeching and grating. He loved every second of it.

"Speaking of years," You spoke up as he was strumming the red and black-flamed instrument, "Just how old are you?"

"Fourteen." He replied without looking up, his voice cold; he must have figured you thought he was immature. "Deal with it."

You held up your hands quickly. "Oh no, I just wondered..." He silenced you with a amber-eyed glare. "Never mind. Say, what sort of music do you like?"

Continuing his horrid song, he motioned to a sort of black desk with a mirror attached. Except, in this mirror, the glass was broken, and tinted red in some places. There were two large speakers alongside the desk, and a player atop it. To one side was a stack of CD's, with various punk and rock bands. Some of the titles were surprisingly dark. And that's when you noticed, amid other things, that his walls were COVERED with posters.

"You probably see this kind of thing every day, don't you? Oh well, there's more to see." He closed her paw, putting out the flame. __________________________________________________
Also Known As Charr-Zyruu.

"Do you have a petpet, Akane?" You asked quickly, not wanting to see any more of her terrible treasures.

"Yeah. Yeah I do." She said, her amber eyes gleaming dangerously. She sat on her bed and screamed, "BLOOD FEAST!!!"

You were about to comment on her terrible words when a snarling, nasty creature skittered out from the flames. Its eyes were jet-black, and its body....OH!!!

"GOOD GRIEF!!!" You screamed, throwing your hands up into the air. "It's on fire! Someone help it!!"

"albinoknight." Akane said in a level voice dripping with contempt. "It's a melton." At your relieved look, she picked the growling animal up, holding it out into your face. "Meet Charr-Zyruu." {char-ZEE-roo}

You ventured your hand out to pet him, but he snapped at you, and you quickly drew back. "Nice to meet you...Charzey." You shrieked as he bit your finger with his tiny teeth, droplets of blood seeping out. "Eeek, does he have any shots?"

Akane shrugged. "The REAL question is, do you? Because he doesn't. And he's rabid."

You looked horrified, and she laughed. "Kidding. You never know with these biters, though. Maybe he is rabid." As you tried to find some kind of bandage, she continued. "And he eats flesh. That's all he likes. I don't blame him, either. A little raw flesh is good for the soul."

You would have run straight through the wall at that point, but as you turned around to make your escape, you came face to face with some sparkling...things.
__________________________________________________ As If I 

Really Need These.

Akane dropped Charr-Zyruu, who promptly ran right back into the flames that seemed to creep up the walls. "Oh, that." She said casually, rolling her eyes. "That's the trophy case. I don't know why I have it. Subayshi said every pet should have a trophy case, that stupid girl."

"But that's not how I am at all," She continued, her tone rebellious. "I don't need trophies to tell me how great I am. Trophies are simply expressions of someone's stupid opinion. Sure, your opinion counts, but it doesn't tell me how to live." She snorted, kicking the trophy case with her steel-toed boot and sending little cracks, like lightning, through the glass. "Oh well. I guess you can look. It won't hurt."

This was the first time anyone in our family ever won a Beauty Contest trophy.  

Haha, it's nice and all, but I don't need a piece of metal to show how beautiful I am.
iNs@Ne C@t PoSse

You finished with the trophies in somewhat of a hurry, since she didn't have many. "Who's Subayshi?" You inquired, thinking that perhaps you'd heard that name somewhere before.

"My sixteen-year-old Island Gelert sister. I really, really can't stand her. She's too popular. She has too many friends. She has a boyfriend, a bunch of fan-art, and a coconut bathtub in her room." Akane rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue, making a terrible face. "She even won Pet Spotlight, that prep. She also thinks that since she's older, she can tell me what to do. She's got another think coming, that's for sure."

You were sorry you'd asked. "Oh. I think I know all of your other siblings."

"If they say anything about me, don't believe it. I happen to know that they lie and say I'm an insecure teenager. Liars, all of them." She stomped her foot loudly. "Except for Sapphi. She's this cat-girl who lives with us. We have a lot in common, me and her."

You were about to ask what in common, but she continued. "Then there's Nanako, a Faerie Acara. She's something else. She wants to blow up the world. She also loves wearing puffy pink dresses. Which I hate. She's cute and evil at the same time, which is a very deceptive balance, if you ask me."

"You've probably already met Warbeak, too. He's this Desert Pteri, sixteen like Subayshi, except he listens to her when she threatens him. I think he's a wimp, if you ask me. He tries to be cool and tough, but things like that are supposed to come naturally." She laughed almost hysterically. "He's so stupid, he's funny."

She regained her sober attitude after a fitful bout of laughter. "There's one more member of our family. Her name is Kyushu7, a Silver Zafara. I can't say much about her. She's never really around unless there's an immediate problem, but I think she'll be gone a lot more now that she's married." She shook her head at your expression. "Yes, she's married, dolt, she's eighteen or so. Anyway, she's really strange...she seems depressed, and sometimes you can hear screams coming from her room."

You nodded quietly after hearing all of this, thinking that perhaps even though Akane was so different from the people she lived with, she fit in just fine. But you didn't say that, of course, 'cos that's an insult ;D
__________________________________________________ Yes.  Ph3@r 

"So, I suppose you have a story of how you got to live at this house of misfits too, eh?" You eyed her, hoping she'd get so carried away with her story that you'd be able to slip out, somehow.

But no such luck. "Here," Akane said softly, holding up an old, weathered, journal-like book bound in rawhide. "I have no idea where this came from. Sapphi says it was out in the garden after the storm. Nobody in my family wrote it, yet it has everything just the way it happened, according to Kyushu7. Funny, but that's the way it is, and I ain't even gonna try to figure out how it got there."
Thunder rumbled in the distance as Kyushu7 watered the budseeds and other wacky plants that grew in the half-cultivated garden surrounding the neohome. The silver zafara looked up, holding her gardening hat on so that the sudden gust of wind did not whip it away. "No...." She whispered, staring out at the dark gray clouds beginning to appear on the horizon.

Sapphi was busily entertained with a pencil and paper and sitting on the fluffy couch. She swiped at Warbeak, still a young chick, who was poking at the sleeping form of the baby Nanako on the couch cushion. "Stoppit, Warbeak!! Nanako needs her rest; she wasn't feeling too good yesterday."

Warbeak avoided her hand and scowled. "Eeerahh, you little Sapphichild got bigmouth!! Na'ako my preyfood!!"

Sapphi groaned. "No, she's your sister." This was one of the Lost Desert hawk pterii, for goodness sake, so what really could she expect? She was about to scold Warbeak further when Kyushu7 burst into the backdoor, her eyes wide.

Sapphi looked up quickly, setting aside her drawings for the moment. "Kyushu, what is it? What's wrong?!!"

The zafara's ears lay back. "It''s a great storm. Coming here from the northeast, you know, from Maraqua! They have many storms there; we are sure to be hit!"

Sapphi looked pale. "Alright." She mentally took note of everyone there. Kyushu, Warbeak, and Nanako. For a second she became panicy, but then remembered that Subayshi the yellow gelert was somewhere else on the island, and had been gone since Nanako arrived.

Warbeak clambered up onto Sapphi, who attemped to push him off. He responded loudly. "EEEEEERAHHH!!! You Sapphichild gotta lots problems, yeh!"

Kyushu had gone upstairs to turn the lights off; as they could create a fire hazard if the wind got to them. She had no sooner gotten up the stairs when a huge crash sounded and all the lights went out. Lightning lit up the dark hallway as she rushed to close windows. Water was now pouring down outside.

Nanako whimpered and began to cry. Warbeak grinned in his annoying pteri way and waved a wing at her. "Aiiiyahyah, you preyfood Na'ako gotta bigga mouth than Sapphichild!" Nanako cried harder.

Sapphi was busy lighting a lantern in the kitchen. "WARBEAK!!" She yelled in a threatening tone out into the living room, "You had better not be botherin' Nanako out there, or my fist will bother YOU!!!"

Warbeak's eyes grew wide and he sat down on the couch, folding his little wings. "I'm a good pterichild. I'm a good pterichild." Sapphi was dangerous.

Kyushu ran down from the upstairs, closely followed by her bloop Nukashu. "We've got to get out of here, Sapphi." She took one of the lanterns from the catchild.

Sapphi nodded. "Yeah, I know, but I can't leave the house like this. I've already boarded up some of the windows, but....what of the ones up there?"

Kyushu7 had picked up Nanako. "They'll be fine. You can't stay here any longer, we'll get killed. You know these homes on the harbor are the ones most in danger when it comes to a hurricane, so we had better move."

Sapphi sighed. She took a long look around her neohome. It had taken so long to make it just right....and now there was the possibility that her home could be lost forever. Picking up Warbeak, she followed Kyushu out into the rain.

The storm was unmerciful. Boards and beams came flying through the air, narrowly missing the four as they hurried, unprotected, through the onslaught. Warbeak caught eye of an airborne chair, and was stricken with such a fear that Sapphi had to put him inside her jacket.

Kyushu had to yell above the storm. "It's not far to the Training School now! That's where we'll be the safest, for sure!" The Training School, being in the centermost region of the Island, was sure to stand the storm.

Sapphi ran, stumbling and slipping. Kyushu would have unfolded her wings to keep the rain off of them all, but knew all too well the storm could sweep her away like that. The Training School arose in the distance, and just as they had finally gotten to the door, a huge gust of wind picked up and caught Warbeak, who had ventured out of Sapphi's jacket again.

"EEEEEEE!!! EEEEEERAHHH!!!" He screeched, flying backwards. Fortunately Kyushu caught him just before he was swept too high for reach. Nodding to Sapphi, she went into the Training School with a terrified Nanako and a screaming Warbeak.

Many pets and their owners had taken refuge in the building. Several gelert nurses had come from the Mystery Island clinic to help those who had been wounded in the storm. Sapphi plopped down on a bed. "Ahhh man...."

Nanako's big blue eyes were now filled with curiousity. "Hows come there's all these peoples around?" But before anyone could answer her question, a gelert nurse had picked up Warbeak and Nanako, and had begun to dry them off.

Finally, late into the night, the hurricane passed, leaving a wet, replenished Island. But from everywhere, homes had been destroyed, loved ones lost. Many were in sorrow.

Sapphi was overjoyed, though. Her home had been damaged, yes, but it was still standing. An impish Nanako raced about, frolicking in the wet grass as they walked home. Kyushu grinned at Sapphi. "We still have a home."

Sapphi laughed. "As long as we've got each other, we can survive anything! Come on, I'll race ya!!" Much laughter and bliss followed as the four scrambled down the path to their beloved bamboo home.

But when they got to the door, they all were silent, even chatterbox Warbeak. There, on their doorstep, lay a small ball of wet, gray fur. Kyushu, afraid to see if the creature was living or dead, took a long time to walk up to it. She reached out and turned it over, stifling a gasp. "It''s a little acara."

Sapphi took a step forward and looked on. The little one was younger than Warbeak, but by the looks of things older than Nanako. Her mouth was slightly open, both of her eyes shut loosely. "I'm afraid....that she is dead."

Kyushu hung her head sadly as she picked up the little body, and over her shoulder whispered, "I'll give her a lovely burial."

But no sooner had she said this, when Nanako leapt upon her shoulder and attempted to pull the dead acara away!! "Nuuu, Kyushu, she's just sleeping!"

Sapphi whispered in Kyushu's ear, "Play along with Nanako for right now. We've got to get to bed." So the dead body was placed inside a little box in the living room, lined with fluffy towels at Nanako's demand.

In the early morning, Kyushu ventured quietly into the living room to properly dispose of the body. But, looking into the box, she could see even in the dim light that there really was nothing there. Then, staring even harder, she could make out several charcoal-colored pawprints, leading into the kitchen.

Following the prints closely, Kyushu entered the kitchen, and screamed in such a way that you'd have thought someone was being murdered.

Sapphi raced downstairs carrying a groggy Warbeak, Nanako right on her heels. "Kyushu! Are you alright, Kyushu?!!"

Upon coming into the kitchen, Sapphi stopped abruptly, causing Nanako to bump into her foot. ""

There, on the counter, sat a scrawny gray acara. Her paws were coal-black, and her eyes a bright amber color. She looked like a stray, a tramp. Greedily she was taking huge bites of a chocolate bar. Looking up suddenly at the four inhabitants of the neohome, she grinned evilly, showing some yellowed teeth. "Hello, mortals. You're gazing upon a dark goddess."

Sapphi didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or yell. "Goddess, eh? I don't believe that goddesses exist, what do you have to say to that?"

A golden halo suddenly appeared above Akane's head as her amber eyes narrowed dangerously. "You want to mess with me? I don't think so!"

The End

__________________________________________________ Every Cat 

Has A Pack.
After you were finished looking at the book, Akane crawled beneath her bed, a nasty grin on her face as she threw item after item out. The dust imps were making you cough.

Holding up a ragged plushie of a cloud Kau, she sat upon the spiked bed. "I guess I should tell you about my friends, since, well, they ARE just like me, and nobody can get as cool as being like me, right?" You groaned, but it seemed she didn't hear. "This is Ka u. Blue Kau. She's my best friend, because we both think the same way about the same things. Her owner rocks, too."

She throws the plushie onto the bed and holds up a blue lupe plushie. "Then there's Tinlasa. She's pretty strange, even for someone like me, but of course, you'd probably classify all of us as misfits. She's better at skateboarding than me, but it's alright. I don't know if she can play guitar." She shrugged.

"Oh." Akane said slowly, pulling out a blue kougra plushie with an assortment of punk-fashion accessories hanging from it. "Here's my newest gal. Ja gs, Queen of Rock. Really. She's great at guitar, and she's got these skate-shoes. I think we have a lot in common..."

She rocked on her bed, holding her back paws. "So then. That's all. Surprised? Don't be. I've never had many friends. I don't need a big posse. I dance to my own beat." She looked, for all the world, like the most rebellious child you had ever dreamed of meeting.

(if your pet would like to become friends with Akane, go right ahead and start a roleplay up. we would most definitely like to find other acaras, but any neopet with a punky attitude is welcomed and loved.)
__________________________________________________ Take Them 

Off My Paws.  NOW.
"Oh, before you go, albinoknight..." Akane mumbled, shuffling over to one corner of her room, "...take one of these."

She opened a beat-up box marked "Free Crap." Inside were pixel-acaras, very kawaii. "Oh Akane, why give these adorable things away?" You asked, poking one of them.

"It's just that. They're too cute."

Acara Yellow Acara Green Acara Blue 

Acara White Acara Orange Acara

Shadow Acara Fire 

Acara Checkered Acara Skunk Acara
__________________________________________________ You Can 

Run All You Like, But I Will Always Be Watching.

The door creaked open slightly, casting a shaft of light across the floor. It was then that you noticed the floor was actually scattered with about two inches of black ash. Akane reverted back to her position upon the floor. "Good-bye, albinoknight. Perhaps you'll see me sometime again. For now, I must sleep. I'll awake come dusk."

Noting your uncertain face, she laughed softly. "That's all. Did you expect anything more?" She asked, her fur bristling as the flames began to shrink back into the darkness. "Go away now. You can tell the others from your world. I don't care. I'll always be here. Here in the dark. I'll always be here." __________________________________________________
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Rau.  You 

can choose from this one... ...Or this 

one!  n.n

Use this 

one if you're making a patch quilt.

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