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Wednesday, 15 June 2005
ds vs psp
Mood:  chillin'
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ok so how is everyone bad good lets get stated.first off i would like to say lifting sux.liam no s. and to the main topic ds vs psp. the psp is an all around gamers deam.above ps2 gaphics. mp3 and umd player can hold digital photos and now there r ways to get the games 4 free.
the ds is more of a nintendo system. yes it is made by nintendo but thats no reason not to buy has 2 screens one is a touch pad and the other isn't. i believe that nintendo can come arround and win the big fight if they get 2 key things. 1 is that make a card that goes where the ds card goes that holds mp3s. we have all seen that durring the end of the n64 it had better graphics than the ps2 at the time so mabie the ds will have beter graphics than the ps2. also we've seen how the gba can play live animated movies so y cant the ds play actual movies like dude wheres my car, or happy gilmore. picto chat is awsome expecialy if you get it on a lan. how about makeing more idont no adult games.having beeten the new bond game on my ds i now that the capabilities are limit less what about gta san andreas ds as i sit here writing this i believe that nintendo should of waited 2 months till when the psp came out and gotten better graphics as i write this the 2nd generation of the ds is coming out and honesly i like what nintendo is doing but what has allready screwed them up on the revoultion is that there going to carge for the old games.heres a thought if you have allreandy botten orcareana of time y not just enter in the upc code and get it for free all i can say is that next consol race im getteing the xbox 360 the rev than the ps3

new pic. im making fun 3 things see if you can figgure them out

Posted by anime6/noodles4lifex at 2:10 PM MDT
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Tuesday, 14 June 2005
omg simms dolls
Mood:  a-ok
hi i gots a blog and i want to tell youit all something k there are weird thing in the simms 2. one is that u can do it but we all no that now u can get ur favorite potter girl there yes i said it you can have emma watson in the simms 2. i was wondering what emma would do in the game. she is like the most worst girlfriend in the world but she will go all the way trust me. i wanted to finda background of hr it is better than the lastone on my website ask tate

ok here is the link for the dolls

take a look at the bod hog

Posted by anime6/noodles4lifex at 4:45 PM MDT
Updated: Tuesday, 14 June 2005 4:50 PM MDT
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