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HELLO~~~ welcome to my neopet page ^-^, well neopets is for all ages, and it is, well it can get boring sometimes and fighting for stuff!!! WHY IS EVERYTHING GETTING MORE EXSPENCIVE!?!?!?! oh well you get more NP (neo points)(money) in games and stuff should give it a try it is fun really it is!!!More stuff to buy, i'm sure everyone can love neopets, so go try it !!! make a screen name and have fun~~~. Creast your own pets, and Neopet is strict!!! but it is to protect the younger kids playing on neopets...your acount can get frozen fast as well, so don't go around asking for passwords!!! There is a lot to do, on neopets, you can enter the art contest, and win prizes, play games, make friends, and take care of your pets, buy them stuff and don't starve yoru pets to death and make sure you play with them as well!!! NP isn't hard to get at all play game, some costs NP so can also have it in different langauges. so that's good nya. You can own a show sell stuff you don't want like that motto "One mans trash in another mans treasure" and it's east to get money fast as well. You have chat rooms there as well, remember kids are on thouse chats toos so b carefull!!! DON'T make two acounts just to get free prizes cuz your acount can get frozen for it!!! Be nice and don't sell faugd items or cheat to get more money!!! you'll get in a lot of trouble, but neopets besides the rules it's really fun ^_^, you can posts music and images on your shop and your profile, and start a guild for people to join, Neopets is a nice freadly place. so join it's fun
My screen name is: nicole88 neomail me if you need help, and i'll try to help you as much as i can ^-^ but i'm not sure if i can help all the time though
Click here to go to neopets~~~.