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The days of yesteryear when Airways were starting out. This was the place where the bad was ugly but not to ugly to make the babies cry or make the children's screen as well as not to make the ladies think. The data must clear what an a mask that must make the babies to with happiness make the children scream for joy and make the ladies pass out with longing for his love. When in a fight there is no blood and no one dies except for the boys don't which is the hero of the town who saves the boy all the time from the burning building. The biggest taboo people would see on TV would be a married couple in the room to bed separates them in nightgowns reading books. This marriage is a marriage between a man or woman not a marriage between a man and man nor woman and woman and everything is perfect in the world of TV land. Not the same as today to day we have out the wedlock couple's in the bedrooms. We see the old Lady Dean hit by a car in a car chase and have every form of corruption even in cartoons. Can do all this on much has survived from the nineties. Televisions third out as the family-friendly medium and somewhat the same as today. No longer has the bad guy worn black he now withers the many cases of the good. The good guy is now he outsider would not truly accepted by the people. Some examples of how television has changed are quite obvious to parents of today's children's who watch television. They can recall times when they magnum PI, the Dukes of hazard the banana split gaining and finally the

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Television and Children