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Loki-L's Fan-Fiction

Hello and welcome to my homepage. This page was created to showcase my various fan-fiction and original stories. It is still a bit new and therfore empty at the moment.

Completed Stories

Ther are at the moment no completed stories here.


On the drafts page you will find all all my drafts, works in progress or unfinnshed stories. No guarantee can be made that anything here will be continued in a timely fashion or ever be finnished at all. Read at your own risk.

My current Ranma 1/2 project "Prisoner of the Iron Mask" has been added on its own page in this section. {Sixth story chunk added}

Addventure Episodes

The Addventure episodes page contains links to some of the threads in the Anime Addventure that I contributed to. Warning! Some fo these links contain material unsuitable for minors.


You can use the Blog associated with this page to contact me, to give me feedback on my stories or to drop me comments on what you think about this website.

This Website was last updated on Ton Jun 17, 2005
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