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InuYasha Mania!

InuYasha is a half human-half dog demon. 50 years ago he fell in love with a preistess named Kikyou-Sama. Or just Kikyou. But a demon known as Naraku tore them apart. Naraku is a shape-shifting demon, therefore he turned himself into InuYasha. Kikyou and InuYasha were suppose to meet, and InuYasha was going to use the jewel to become human for Kikyou. Naraku attacked Kikyou as InuYasha and Kikyou was led to believe that InuYasha had betrayed her. With the last breath that Kikyou-Sama had, she pinned InuYasha to a tree with a sacred arrow. InuYasha was pinned there for 50 years. Until one day when Kagome Higurashi, and 15 year old, 9th grader from modern day Tokyo, Japan, was dragged down a well in her family's shrine by a demon. There she found a boy, a boy with dog-like ears, pinned to a tree. It was the same tree at her family's shrine. Not long from when she meets him... she releases InuYasha from the 50 year long spell. Then Kagome finds out that she is the reincarnation of Kikyou-Sama and that the Shikon jewel was in her body. A demon steals the jewel and devours it. Kagome fires an arrow at the demon, but doing so, the jewel cracks into many little shards. And that's where InuYasha and Kagome start they're quest to find the shards!


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