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Sneakily, I went behind the scenes of Harry Potter, and took pictures of the characters when they thought no one was looking. Please laugh as much as you want, but don't tell who showed you. Snape might hunt me down. ^.^

The secret lives of the Harry Potter Stars.

He's of the devil I tell ya.

Who's the hot babe?

Hagid's secret life.

Hermoine has a new look. Also look at who the guy behind her is thinking about. ^.^

They love him so much.

Some things weren't meant to explode.

All hail the Dark Lord.

They had to replace the sorting hat after a fire.

Man, those players on the other Quidditch team are such punks!

Lockheart had to return one valetine. The owner was very sad.

Harry did an unoffical advertisement.

It's Halloween around Hogwarts.

The fashion police strike again.

Harry also does weddings.

A rabid fan out to get Harry.

Rupert has other ideas then finishing the movie.

Hey Ron! What happened to Scabbers?