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Part one: Price of the Priceless

Chapter one

Chapter two

Chapter three

Chapter four

Chapter five

Chapter six

Chapter seven

Chapter eight

*NEW* Chapter nine

And I'm finally finished with this story. Yay!

Fanfic Art

This is my first drawings of Tay.

One of my first pics of Quin and Raikel with Goku.

A pic of Negi playing with the twins.

Quin fighting Krillin.

A picture of Raikel

Another picture of Raikel

Raikel's profile

A shaded picture of Raikel.

A picture of Raikel yelling at Picolo.

A pic of Hatashi and Tay.

A pic of Hatashi and 17 getting along.

Goku and Raikel at a reflection pool.

Gel pen picture of Hatashi.

A color picture of Raikel

Raikel and another character that I never wrote into my story.

Raikel with Yamcha.

A scene where Gohan just barely meets Raikel

A color pic of Hatashi and Tay.

A color picture of Quin and Treena.

A color picture of Negi.

My favorite and best picture of Raikel.

A old picture from chapter one.

Yamcha and Puar in chapter one. They're good room mates

Chapter one again. This from one of Goku's scenes. I love it.

Raikel and Gohan's meeting in chapter two

Siblings' reunion. A scene from chapter two.

Hatashi and Krillin in chapter three.

Vegeta dressed in civis in chapter three.

Hatashi's dream in chapter four.

What's the matter Fatty? Can't get up?!

When Tay is lost, Krillin goes to find him.

A pencil sketch from chapter five.

A rough sketch from a scene in chapter 6 (I think). Enjoy

Hatashi and 17's first impression of each other.

Chibi Quin and Treena.