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Puar's Shrine

Updated Sept, 2 2006

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Hi, my name is Hatashi and welcom to my Dragonball Z page. Dragonball Z was the first ever anime that I loved. Many soon came after but DBZ will always be my obsession. The characters are so colorful and fun to watch, but none caught my attention more than the desert bandit, Yamcha, and his shape-shifting companion, Puar. In DBZ, I didn't notice them as much as I did in the first episodes of Dragonball. Puar's first line soon became my absolute favorite. "Yamcha. Victims. Ho Ho." Hee hee ^.^ One scene in DBZ also caught my attention, bringing out Yamcha's personality. It was one of the episodes after Goku and Raditz died. Yamcha had a job as a professional baseball player and as he was waiting for his turn to bat, the other players started a huge fight. Yamcha was unaware of the entire thing until his hat was knocked off. At the sight of the brawl, his eyes became all starry. Puar warned him about joining and his response was, "Oh, Puar. It's just a little rumble." Then he waved her off and ran the join the fight. The fight is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Yamcha seems to hop around with his eyes closed, punching whoever comes in contact not concerned if they were one his team or not. To my disappointment, Yamcha and Puar hardly ever appear anymore in DBZ.

Thanks Hatashi. That's very nice of you to say that about us. Thank you for having us with you.

Along with myself and my cat, Tay; Puar and Yamcha will help host this webpage. It has been very nice working with them. Right, Tay?

Yatta! Puar's my favorite character in Dragonball Z because she's so cool! That's why we made a shrine to her.

Thanks Tay. But the real star to this webpage is YAMCHA!

It is because of BOTH of these two amazing characters, I have built this shrine. This is a shrine to the fans of Yamcha, and all who would love him. Why not have a shrine for the fans? Come all. Come and honor the Scarred One and that ye may be blessed in his beautiful presence. Come on. I know you want to.

Uh. . . Hatashi, that's enough. Please.

Hey everyone. If you want to read some Dragonball Z fanfics. Click on my head. Yeah, I'm the goofy looking one waving at you.

Hey, Yamcha here. You may not have recognized me. Well, that's because Hatashi's older sister gave me a new haircut. Thanks Ghost. This shrine is dedicated to me, although I don't know why. It was Puar's idea. If you want to see some fan art by Hatashi, click on my head. Don't bother clicking my toes. It doesn't do anything.

Hi. Thanks for coming to my shrine. I'm so happy. ^.^ If you click on me, I'll show you some links of other pages. Sorry, but it's not up yet. Come back another time, and maybe it'll be up. Come on Tay. Get the cookie.

Yeah, my turn. Click on my fuzzy belly and I'll take you to see some comics that Hatashi has. She says they're funny, but I think she's just crazy. COOKIE! MINE!

If you have any questions or comments about this webpage, please feel free to email me at Thank you.

Hi, I'm Harry Potter. Hatashi has set up a page for me and all my friends. Come see it fans. Just click on me and I'll magic us there. WEBPAGE-KADABRA!

Want to know what's the deal with floating Chibis. Click on the picture of floating Chibis to find out.