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Here's my Harry Potter fan art. Sorry that it's a little sparse right now. I'll try to get some more art up here. I love Harry Potter so much, but I don't think about him much when I draw.

*NEW* Just a sketch of Dumbledor. I thought I drew him very well.

*NEW* I drew this picture when I tried to draw all the characters as animals. These are the Dursleys. Can you tell who is who?

*NEW* Same idea as last picture, only with Harry.

*NEW* In the description of Dumbledor in the first book, he wears a questionable peice of clothing.

*NEW* McGonagal looking at a map.

*NEW* I can't describe this, you'll have to see it for yourself.

*NEW* Dumbledor tries to flirt.

*NEW* I tried to draw Sirius on his motorcycle, but I couldn't draw a motorcycle. This happened instead.

Ahhhhh! Watch out Harry.

Hee hee. What's the matter, Ron? Are you stuck?

One of my earlier works of art.