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Hatashi's Harry Potter Page

Hi, it's me, Harry Potter, dressed up from the muggle anime show, Orphan. Welcome to Hatashi's Harry Potter Page. Get ready for some random Harry Potter fan fun. If you click on my head, I'll show you some photos that Hatashi took secretly. You can see what some of the cast members do in their spare time. Hey, where did you get that picture of me? Hatashi! Anyway, you can also read Hatashi's fanfics by clicking on my feet.

Oi, it's me Ron. Dressed up as Tasuki from the muggle anime show, Fushigi Yuugi. Hatashi, why does Harry get a wicked sword, and I only get a stupid fan? What am I suppose to do, wave the bad guys away? Hey you, click on my head and I'll show you some outtakes that Hatashi took from the book. Don't miss them.

Hello, I'm Hermoine dressed up as BT from the muggle anime show, .hack//sign. Thank you for coming to see us. Hatashi has been so kind to let us host the webpage she set up for us. If you click on my head, I'll take you to see Hatashi's fanart. If you click on my feet, I'll take you to the links page where you can check out other's pages. Sorry, but it's not up yet. Maybe Hatashi will stop being lazy, and get it up soon.

Thanks guys for telling everyone about the page. If you have any questions or comments about the page, feel free to email me at Thank you everyone.