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Price of the Priceless

Chapter 5: A Clash Over Cars

Hatashi Kitty

Genkaku watched as the Earth floated in its orbit. He had a strange feeling about this planet, and he just wanted to leave. He tried to get rid his foreboding feelings. Oh well, he wouldn’t need to be feeling them anymore. In a few minutes, the planet Earth would no longer exist. He took out the long golden cylinder from his pocket. He only had to speak the command into it and it would be done.
“Master, it’s time for your sleeping cycle,” ASU informed before Genkaku could say another word.
“All ready,” Genkaku said to the machine.
“I’m quite sure, master.”
Genkaku sighed. He had programmed ASU to make sure he went to bed on time. In his old body, he could not afford to ignore sleep like he used to. If he started to argue it would only make things worse. He knew because he programmed her. The thought of overriding her system just for a time occurred to him. It would only take a few minutes to get the job done, but the process of hacking into his own computer might damage the soft ware he spent eons designing.
“All right, I’m going,” he surrendered, and placed the golden cylinder on the computer console. He didn’t like leaving his job half finished. When the time comes though, he will be glad to finish it.


Gohan stood in the dark parking lot with only one street lamp, and the sound of the large crowd inside the school for company. He had been guarding the cold silent vehicles for over an hour now. Since the minute he arrived, Gohan had complained about everything to himself nonstop. Grumbling about his lack of sleep, how cold he was, that his homework wasn’t finished, how his mom yelled at him when he told her he was going to the competition, and, to top it off, the world was going to end any time; and he was the only one who could stop it. Today just wasn’t his day.
“Hey, Gohan,” a kid yelled from one of the school doors. Gohan recognized him as one of his class mates. “Videl made it to the finals. Hurry up.”
“I guess it won’t matter if I’m gone for a few minutes,” Gohan rationalized, and ran inside.
Just as he disappeared into the building, three figures stepped out of the shadows.
“I thought he would never leave,” the girl with black and purple hair said contemptuously.
“Let’s hurry up,” her male companion told her. “The faster we finish this, the better. We have a little more time now.”
The two of them started dividing some tools among themselves, and set about dismantling the vehicles with experienced accuracy and speed.
The third figure stared in the shadows, hugging her arms around her body as if she was cold. “How much longer?” she asked the two.
The male turned to her. “It’s going to take some time. It would go faster if no one interrupts us. Go inside, and make sure no one comes out.”
The third figure crept through the shadows to the door into the school. As she opened the door, the young woman took one last look at her companions, sighed, then went in.


In the silence of space, Vegeta pulled his head toward his knees, and then back to the floor. He repeated this motion over and over until the muscles in his stomach burned. The burning didn’t last because he wasn’t in his gravitation capsule. His body ached wherever the laser hit him. Even though he was a fast healer, the wound wouldn’t heal as fast as it should. The soars hindered the movement of his body as he exercised, but it only made Vegeta more determined to forget about the pain. Nothing was going to get in his way of getting stronger. And once he is, he’ll get out of this place.
He was in the middle of his sit up, when he noticed that the man in the cage next to him was starring at him. As soon as Vegeta looked at him, the Saiyin looked away.
Vegeta continued to exercise and as he did, he watched the other Saiyin. Every now and then, the other Saiyin would take a quick glance at him and look away again. Vegeta grew tired of this, and stopped his exercising. He stood up and yelled impatiently. “What are you looking at? Huh? If I’m so interesting, then why don’t you say anything.”
The man was looking away then. But Vegeta could see his profile with the side with his good eye. The man smiled. Slowly, the Saiyin turned his head back toward Vegeta.
Vegeta starred into his blind eye. The burned scars around it made him flinch mentally. Those scars could only come from the lasers above them. Vegeta was surprised that the eyeball could have survived at all against the laser’s beam. As Vegeta analyzed the eye, it starred right back as him. Or right though him, as if the man could see to his very soul.
The man opened his mouth to say something but stopped. He, instead, looked down at the floor.
No, not at the floor, through it, Vegeta thought. Through the floor to the Earth below. Vegeta concentrated on the Earth. That was when Vegeta felt it. Two energies were fighting. One wasn’t nearly as strong as the other. He recognized the stronger one. It was Gohan’s.


Gohan breathed a sigh of relief as he walked through the gym doors. Videl was in the ring with another guy, bowing to each other. The match was just starting.
Videl bowed respectfully to the boy from the other school. He was much taller than her, and outweighed her definitely. He had won every single match almost flawlessly. He was a worthy opponent. “Good luck to you,” she said to him.
The boy bowed curtly, and smirked at her. “Even if you are the daughter of the great Hercule, you’re still going down.”
Videl smiled. She never felt bad about beating up the cocky ones.
The boy’s smirk turned upside down just as the referee told them to start.
Gohan watched and cheered from his place by the doors, ready to run outside when the match was over. He never expected the door to open, and almost hit him in the face.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” a female voice apologized. “Are you okay?” A young woman closed the door, and stood before him with concern in her blue eyes.
“Its no problem,” Gohan replied as he showed her he wasn’t hurt. “Hey, I know you.”
The girl looked at him in surprise, then smiled. “I remember. We bumped into each other this morning.” She laughed, and took the spot right next to him on the wall. “I going to have to be more careful if we keep on meeting like this. I’m Treena.”
“My name is Gohan.”
Treena reached out her hand, and shook Gohan’s. Then she looked timidly around at the audience and the arena as if she was looking for someone. She was thin and a little taller than the average girl. She wore an off-white tank top and some tattered looking blue geans. They looked a little odd on her because they were a size too big. Her hair was covered by a blue bandana, but a few sea green strands escaped by her ears.
“So are you from the other school?” Gohan asked trying to have a conversation while still watching the match.
Treena turned to him. “Uh, no. I’m just visiting family. I just came here because I was bored,” she told him slowly. “You?”
“I go to this school. The girl who is fighting is my friend.”
“She’s really good.”
Gohan nodded in agreement.
The two went silent through the rest of the match in which Videl won by throwing her opponent out of the ring. The crowd’s cheers were deafening as Videl raised her fists in victory.
Gohan clapped for a while, and then started out of the door.
“Wait!” Treena half-yelled. “Uh. . .don’t you want to congratulate your friend.” The young woman’s voice had a hint of desperation in it.
“I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve got to get home,” Gohan answered quickly, and was out of the door. As he was leaving, he heard footsteps running quickly to catch up to him. He glanced behind his shoulder, and saw Treena following. They reached the exit at the same time.
“Don’t go out there,” Treena told Gohan sternly as she grabbed his hand.
“Treena, I have to go out there. Why don’t you want me to leave?” Gohan asked suspiciously. He started to get a sinking feeling in his stomach.
“Please, just trust me,” Treena pleaded looking into his dark eyes. “If you go out there, you’ll be. . .” Behind her own blue eyes there was worry.
Then there was a loud noise outside the door. Gohan broke free of Treena’s grip and ran out the door. He stopped in mid step at what he saw. Hundreds of cars had already been torn apart. Parts lay askew everywhere, discarded as useless. Many cars looked as if they had parts ripped out, and left holes the size of fists.
Gohan turned to Treena who looked too calm for the situation. “You knew about this, didn’t you?”
Treena looked at him emotionlessly. “Please leave, while there is still time. They haven’t seen you yet? If you leave now, no one will get hurt.”
She was turning away when Gohan grabbed her hand. “Did that girl put you up to this? Why are you helping her?”
“Hey!” a masculine voice yelled form behind. “Let her go!”
Gohan turned around, just in time to see the bottom of his assailant’s shoe as it collided with his face. He flew through the air, and hit into the school’s brick exterior. The half-Saiyin had to wait a second for the world to stop spinning before he could stand up.
There were two of them standing right in front of him; the girl with black and purple hair, and the boy who kicked him. The boy looked strangely similar to the girl although he was much taller. He had the same facial features and the same hair color except shorter and the purple strips on the left side of his forehead. They both wore dirty, baggy clothes; white tank tops and blue geans. They even looked the same age, fifteen maybe sixteen. But the uncanny resemblance that struck Gohan so hard was that they both had monkey like tails waving behind them.
“Saiyins,” he whispered.
“Please, don’t hurt him any more Quin,” Treena pleaded to the boy.
Quin turned away from Gohan toward Treena. He started talking to her softly in a whisper. He stood almost a head taller than the young woman.
The other girl never took her eyes off Gohan. She glared at him from her fighting stance waiting for anything. She was smaller than Treena by a few inches. Her black hair was pulled back out of the way, but her bangs fell freely over her forehead and almost into her blue eyes.
Gohan cleared his head, and took action to control this situation. “Ahem. Stop right there. You are under arrest for several acts of vehicle theft,” he shouted in his “Saiya-Man” voice.
“Huh?” Quin shouted back, looking irked that someone had the indecency to interrupt his conversation with Treena.
“He’s not going to stay quiet, Treena,” the other girl told her companion. “We’re going to have to deal with him now, or we’ll not get anything done.”
“But. . .” Treena started to argue.
“Don’t worry Treena. I won’t hurt him too much. Just enough to keep him busy. You and Quin keep working.”
Treena seemed satisfied with that, and turned away.
“Awww, you always get all the fun, Raikel,” Quin whined, lowering his head, and following after Treena.
Raikel smirked at his comment, but it disappeared as a scream rang throughout the parking lot.
“Ahhh! Car thieves!” a young woman at the school doors yelled, and ran back inside.
“Great. That’s what I need. The whole school coming out, and watching,” Gohan said sarcastically to himself, and reached for his watch. “Wait! I can’t change here. What am I to do?”
Raikel didn’t wait for him to figure it all out. She ran toward him at an incredible speed, and grabbed his shirt. “You just made a big mistake messin’ with me,” she growled at him, and proceeded to toss him.
As Gohan allowed himself to be thrown into the shadows, he decided this would be the best solution. Now that nobody could see him, the Defender of the city could finally make an appearance. “This is a job for Saiya-Man!” Pressing the button on his watch, he instantly changed into his alter ego’s costume. He leapt into the light of the street lamp, and struck a dramatic pose.
Raikel narrowed her eyes at this new guy. He didn’t look like anything she’d every seen. “Who are you? Do you want some of this, too?”
Saiya-Man struck another dynamic pose. “I will protect the innocent against the evil of this city,” he bellowed out in a deep voice. He struck a different pose. “I will right all wrongs, and keep the people safe.” Different pose. “Because I am the Great Saiya-Man!”
Raikel’s mouth dropped with astonishment along with her defensive crouch.
Oh yeah, Saiya-Man thought. I still have the touch.
“Now will you surrender and come. . .”
“I won’t. You’re going to have to do better than sing poetry to me to make me surrender,” Raikel yelled, and ran at his with surprising speed.
Saiya-Man could barely defend himself as she hit him in the face. Lucky for him, she wasn’t as strong as she was fast. But as the fight raged on, Saiya-Man found himself more defending than attacking. How could she be so fast? He was so absorbed in the fight, he didn’t notice the people flooding out of the school.
“Saiya-Man!” a voice yelled out of the crowd.
Saiya-Man turned to see all of the people. They couldn’t fight with so many near them.
“We need to take this fight somewhere else. These people could get hurt,” Saiya-Man told his opponent.
Raikel stopped, and surveyed the crowd that accumulated nearby. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt any of them unless they get in my way.”
This answer didn’t suit with Saiya-Man. He leapt up into the air, flying away from the school. After a while, he looked behind his shoulder, and saw that Raikel was flying after him fast.
“Where are you going?” she demanded, and grabbed his feet to stop him.
Saiya-Man kicked her hands until she let go. But that didn’t stop her from attacking. Again, Saiya-Man found himself defending more than attacking. But she wasn’t strong enough to take him down. After a while, he noticed that she was slowing down. Her intense attacks were burning up all her energy. That’s when he caught one of Raikel’s punches. Instinctively, he threw a punch at her. It collided with her cheek bone, and she tumbled away from him. After ward, he felt a little sorry for hitting a girl so hard.
Raikel put a hand up to her cheek. She could feel it throbbing, and knew she would have a black eye in the morning. “OWWW!” she shouted. Enraged, she attacked again, this time she moderately used energy.
But now Saiya-Man had the upper hand. Raikel was winded, and they both knew it. As Raikel attacked, Saiya-Man allowed her to, letting her unwisely use up her energy. Raikel could see she wasn’t fazing her opponent one bit so she changed her strategy. With all her strength and perfect aim, she hit him in his Adam’s apple.
Backing away, Saiya-Man clutched at his throat, trying to open the passageway for air to flow through.
Raikel didn’t wait for him to recover now that his defenses were down. She slammed her knee into his stomach, pushing whatever air he had, out of his lungs. Then she punched his left eye, shattering the lense of his sunglasses.
In pain, Saiya-Man’s rage took control of him. Placing his gloved hands to one side, he started gathering up energy and formed it into a ball.
Raikel stopped dead still, watching Saiya-Man with interest and puzzlement.
“KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!” Saiya-Man shouted, and threw the attack at the young woman.
Being so close to each other, Raikel had no time to dodge it. The energy beam hit her in the abdomen, and down she went slamming into the asphalt.
Saiya-Man gasped. He didn’t mean to use such a strong attack on her. He looked down at her still form, and was afraid he killed her. But to his relief, she started to move.
Raikel cursed herself for not being ready for such an attack. Luckily for her, it wasn’t a direct hit. She clutched at her side where it was starting to bleed.
Saiya-Man slowly drifted down toward the ground. “Do you surrender?”
Raikel clenched her teeth together. Why was she even wasting her time on this guy? “No. I won’t surrender. I can’t.”
Perhaps he could reason with her, and talk her out of it. “Why are you doing this?”
Raikel leaned against a car to rest. Good, he wants to talk. It will give me a chance to gather enough energy to finish this. “Because I want to,” she replied with a smirk.
“That’s not a good enough reason.”
“Well, if you want a better one, you’ll have to beat it out of me,” Raikel smiled wickedly. Oh, are you going to be surprised. Clumsily, she placed her hands behind her right side. “I have a little gift for you.”
Saiya-Man’s eyes widened as he recognized the stance. “No, it can’t be,” he whispered, as Raikel formed his own attack.


Videl was one of the first to rush out of the doors of the school. “Saiya-Man,” she shouted at the super hero. She tried to reach him, but the crowd pushed her away.
“The car thieves. They must be here,” she told herself. “I have to get to Saiya-Man.” She went around the crowd, hoping to find a gap she could get through. Halfway around, she heard a loud clatter among the maze of striped cars.
“Hold it right there,” she shouted at two shadowy forms. As she walked toward them, she was surprised that they were just a young boy and girl not much older that she. “You two are under arrest.”
“No, not another one,” the boy whined. “Why can’t you people just leave us alone?” The boy sighed, and to Videl’s surprised, disappeared.
“What? Where did he. . .” Videl started, but never finished as she felt some pressure behind her neck. After that, everything went black.


“No,” Saiya-Man shouted in unbelief as the Kamehameha wave blasted toward him. To save himself from the collision, he had to catch the attack. The force of the energy hitting his hands pushed him into a nearby car. Carefully, he threw the attack into the air where it exploded harmlessly. After that, his fingers felt as if they were on fire. The energy burned all the way through his gloves. Frantically he waved his hands back and forth to get cold air to them.
“Dude, my car!” a teen boy shouted running to the car Saiya-Man hit into. “Everything’s going to be all right, baby. We’ll get you fixed up in no time.”
“Uh. . .sorry,” Saiya-Man apologized lamely, and stepped away, leaving a huge body print in the side of the car. Distracted, Saiya-Man had his guard down, and didn’t see Raikel come up from behind. She grabbed his arms, and locked them behind his back.
Her hold was strong, and restricted his arm movement. Try as he might, he couldn’t break free. He then tried to shake her off, but she held on tight to his back.
“My attack,” Saiya-Man said. “How did you do it?”
The hero felt Raikel breath on his neck as she laughed. “It’s my special technique. I can copy anyone’s attack, as long as I’ve seen it. It sure worked on you. Fortunately for you, I can only do it once.”
So that explains that, he thought to himself. Now if I can just get her off. Maybe I can reach some of her clothes, and then I can pull her off. Slowly, he stretched his muscles to reach any of Raikel’s loose clothes.
“Keep struggling, Earthling,” Raikel whispered into his ear. “The more you do, the more energy you waste. I can stay here all day. You’re finished.”
That reminded Saiya-Man of her inheritance as a Saiyin. While struggling to get at her, he decided he might as well ask a few questions. “Why have you come to Earth? Who are you?” He could feel something at his finger tips.
“It doesn’t matter. Nothing will matter in a day or two.”
“What? Why?” Saiya-Man demanded. Did she know something about the Earth? Was it in trouble? Does she know why all the strange stuff has been happening?


Videl woke up with a throbbing pain in her neck. Carefully she reached up, and felt the slight bruise on the back of her neck. Looking around, she saw a big stack of car parts sitting on a platform, and the two car thieves that attacked her. They had their back toward her.
“We’re finished,” the girl told her companion, voice trembling. “Shouldn’t we get Raikel, and get out of here?”
“Nah, let her have some fun. It’ll be over soon,” the boy answered lightly.
Videl slowly and silently crawled toward the platform. When she reached it, she pulled from her pocket a radio tracker. Slipping it into a small niche, she carefully crawled back to her original spot. Just as she was laying back down, she heard the boy say, “She’s in trouble. I’m going to help her.”
Soon after that a brilliant flash of light blinded Videl.


“What’s going to happen to the Earth? Tell me,” Saiya-Man demanded. He stopped reaching for Raikel’s cloths, wanting to know.
“So you know about him. I told you it doesn’t matter. No one can stop him from coming,” Raikel growled in his ear. “So why don’t you just surrender, and leave us alone. The faster you do this, the faster you can say good-bye to your loved ones.”
Saiya-Man’s blood started to boil. How could someone be this cold? Something’s going to happen to his home, he’d want to know. He’d do anything to save it. In his anger, he put all of his energy in reaching for some of Raikel’s clothing. That one attempt succeeded. He grabbed what felt to be a belt, and prepared to yank. But the instant his fingers tightened over it, Raikel’s grip loosened, and she collapsed on the ground.
Saiya-Man looked down at her in confusion. When he looked at what was in his hand, he understood. He had grabbed her tail.
Raikel writhed in agony on the asphalt. She tried to get up, but all of her strength was gone.
“Hey, that’s not how to treat a lady,” someone shouted at him.
Saiya-Man turned around, only to have Quin punch him in the face. He recovered quickly from the attack; but before he could do anything more, a blinding light flashed on, too bright for his eyes. He shut them for a moment, and when he opened them, the light was gone. And so were the car thieves.


High above the earth, Hatashi again tapped her feet against the glass. She was laying on her back, starring up at the ceiling. She had been in this position for many hours singing all the songs she knew.
17 sat still on the opposite side of their imprisonment, trying hard to ignore the strange human. He had been going through the readings he had been taking of the spaceship. So far, every escape plan had failed in his head, no matter what he tried.
“Are you an android?”
17 had been ignoring everything so far, he didn’t notice the woman crawling up toward him.
“Hello? Are you an android?”
Still, 17 didn’t take notice.
17 jerked in surprise as if he had no idea Hatashi ever existed.
“Are you an android?”
“That old man called me one, so I was thinking that you were one.”
“Yes, I am,” 17 replied to the earlier question, and wondered how this woman would respond.
“Wow,” she answered in awe. She came up close, and pinched the skin on 17 cheek. “You look so realistic.” She sat down cross-legged in front of him, and extended her hand. “My name is Hatashi.”
17 didn’t move, just glanced down at her hand.
Hatashi lowered her hand. “Okay, what’s your name?”
“17? What kind of name is that?”
“My creator, Dr. Gero, gave it to me because I was the 17th android he built.”
“Oh.” Hatashi became quiet for a while. “Do you know someone named 18?”
17 looked at her in surprise. Strange how she knew about 18. “Yes, she is my sister. She was built right after me. How do you know about her?”
“She the wife of a friend of mine. So 18 is the 18th model Dr. Gero made,” Hatashi deduced.
“That’s why she’s called 18,” 17 told her mockingly. This lady’s a genius. I wonder how long it will take her to figure out how many androids came before me.
But Hatashi’s thoughts were no longer on androids. She sat silent for a long time. Just when 17 was going back to his escape plans, Hatashi said proudly, “I’ll call you Bob.”
17 jerked his head back. “What?!”
“I’m going to call you Bob!”
“But my name is 17.”
“That’s not a name; it’s a number. So I decided to give you a real name. And it’s Bob.”
“I’m not some dog you can pick out a name for. I have a name, and it’s 17.”
“Whatever you say, Bob.”
Bob turned his back to the woman, and growled irately.


Luckily for Gohan, he was able to slip out of the crowd before they could see after the blast of light. Now he was on top of the school’s roof, watching as Videl dealt with the crowd, and the police who just arrived.
“Poor Videl,” Gohan said to himself. “I wish I could help her, but I think Saiya-Man has made enough trouble for tonight.” He watched as the crowd slowly departed as the police came, and started collecting evidence for their reports. It took well over an hour for Videl to get away from everything.
“Gohan, where are you?” she started to whisper loudly in search of him.
“Psst. Up here,” Gohan whispered back from the roof.
When she saw him, Videl quickly took to the air. Landing on the roof, she winced at the sight of Gohan’s face. His left eye was completely black and swelling. There was a large cut on his forehead, and a small one in his lip.
“Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?” Videl asked concerned.
Gohan smiled to show he was fine. “No, I’m good. This is nothing.”
“Darn those thieves. They’ll pay for this,” Videl growled, and punched one of her fists into her other open palm. “And this is how we’re going to do it.” She reached into her pocket, pulling out a remote control. “I put a tracker on them before they disappeared. If we’re lucky, they haven’t found it yet.”
“Wow, Videl. You’re a genius,” Gohan praised her.
“Thank you,” Videl said with a smile. She turned her device on, and pressed a few buttons. “Wow, they’re a lot farther away than I thought they would be. If we leave now, we can surprise them.”
“Now?” Gohan asked surprised. Secretly, he was hoping Videl would wait til morning, giving him a chance to find them himself.
“Yes, now. They wouldn’t expect us at this time of night,” Videl said sternly.
Gohan tried another approach. “You look really tired, Videl. After your match, and all this excitement, you must be exhausted. Maybe you should go home, and I’ll track them down. I’ll watch them all night to make sure they don’t leave, and when you’re rested we’ll get them.”
Videl felt ashamed of the fact that she considered the offer. Her head hurt like a demon where Quin hit her, and she was sure she’d have to go to the chiropractor tomorrow. But Gohan looked worse than her, and was probably just as tired. “No, I can’t let you do this alone.”
Darn, Gohan thought. He had a bad feeling about Videl going. Especially with two Saiyin; maybe three if Treena was one. And what if she found out he was one too. That would be too much to explain to her.
“All right, let’s get this over with,” Gohan sighed. He was about to press the button on his watch to transform back into Saiya-Man, when Videl stopped him.
“Don’t. Nobody will see you. It’s too dark. Besides, you look silly wearing sunglasses at night,” she added with a laugh.
“I would? Ah, nuts,” Gohan said disappointedly.
Videl led the search with her tracker in her hands. Gohan followed trying to think of a plan to stop her.
I can’t let her go against a Saiyin, Gohan worried over in his head. Come on. Think, Gohan. There’s got to be something that will stop her. The half-Saiyin let his eyes wander into the scenery below him. They were flying over a suburb where some of the houses were still being built. At one of the construction site, he spotted some disguarded rope. “Hmmm,” Gohan mulled over.
Soon after this, Videl felt that she was alone. Looking over her shoulder, she found Gohan was no longer following her. Oh no, what if he really was hurt badly, and he fell. I should have told him to go home. I’m so stupid.
As she cursed herself, Videl didn’t notice her companion sneak up from behind until it was too late. She started struggling as soon as she felt the strong hands and coarse rope bind her. “Ahhh!” she shouted as her arms were pinned to her sides. Quickly she looked behind her. “Gohan! What are you doing!?”
“Sorry, Videl. This is for your own good,” Gohan apologized as he tied the young woman up. After he was sure she couldn’t wriggle loose, Gohan carried Videl to a tree, and secured her to the trunk.
“You untie me right now, Gohan! Do you hear me?! You’re going to be in so much trouble if you don’t,” Videl yelled as loudly as she could.
“I can’t do that,” Gohan told her. “You don’t know what you’re getting into. I can’t let you go.”
“That’s a lame excuse. Let me go! Gohan!” Videl was now screaming like a banshee.
Gohan took to the air. “Sorry. I’ll explain it to you sometime.” He went a little ways, and turned around.
“That’s right. Get back here, and let me go,” Videl ordered.
Gohan instead grabbed Videl’s tracker from her hand. “I’ll be needing this. Bye.” As he flew away, he could still hear Videl threats fading into the night. He felt very guilty leaving her there, but he couldn’t live with himself if something happened to her. I’m going to die when she finds me tomorrow.
It didn’t take him long to get to the place the tracker showed. It was in an isolated forest area, far away from practically everything. As he neared them, Gohan lowered his energy. He must have the element of surprise. When he heard voices, he left the air and crept around on the ground.
In the middle of a clearing was a small, luminous fire. In the fire’s proximity was Raikel and Treena. The later was kneeling next to the former, bandaging the wounds Gohan inflicted upon the young woman. Quin was next to a platform full of car parts sorting through them. He chose what he needed, and walked over to a large craft where he proceeded to wield. Gohan did a double take. Quin was working on a spaceship.
Hiding himself behind a large tree, Gohan thought up a strategy. They out numbered him, and plus he didn’t know how strong Quin was. Perhaps he should go super Saiyin just in case. “Well, here goes,” Gohan whispered to himself for luck, and stepped out from behind the tree. Just as he did, he pushed his hiding powers up to the surface. The energy was so immense, it transformed his appearance. His jet black hair glowed bright gold, and his dark eyes turned a piercing green.
All three thieves turned around together. Quin dropped his tools, Raikel’s mouth gapped, and Treena stared up in horror.
“Who are you?” Raikel shouted angrily. She stumbled to her feet, clutching her stomach where she was hurt.
Gohan was surprised. Didn’t they recognize him? Well, he did look a bit different.
Treena stood up. “Gohan! Get out of here!” she shouted recognizing him.
“He’s the guy from before,” Quin told Raikel. “His hair’s different, but it’s definitely the same guy. He’s nothing to worry about, since you dealt with him in one shot.”
“Come back for more,” Raikel said with a smile. She took a step, and collapsed.
“No, Rai. It’s my turn,” Quin told her. His smile happily, and cracked his knuckles. “I don’t know how you found us, but I’m going to make you regret it.”
Gohan analyzed his opponent. He felt a strong chi, stronger than Raikel’s. But not strong enough for Gohan in this state. I won’t hold back this time. I’m going to take him down fast. I must know why they are here, and what they know about the Earth? Before it’s too late.
Quin was also analyzing his opponent. What he saw was a scrawny guy that was already beaten by a girl. Nothing he couldn’t handle quickly. Impatiently, he was the first to take a step forward.
The minute Quin moved, Gohan launched forward. Quin was barely able to follow the super Saiyin’s moves as Gohan came at him. Quin ducked predicting that Gohan would come at his face, but he was wrong. Gohan went to his weak spot, his tail. In less than a second, Quin was on his knees, struggling to stay up.
“Quin! Let go of my brother,” Raikel shouted at him, unable to get up.
“Brother?” Gohan asked confused. “I’ll let him go if you surrender.”
“No, don’t,” Quin shouted trying to get back onto his feet. His voice started to sound labored. “Don’t surrender. We came too far. Don’t let him stop us.”
“Why are you here?” Gohan demanded from above his fallen opponent. “Tell me what you know.”
“Stop! We’ll tell you,” Treena shouted. “No more fighting. We surrender.”
“No, Treena,” Quin tried to yell, but his energy was draining from Gohan’s hold on his tail. “We can’t.”
Raikel collapsed onto her knees. “We can’t,” she repeated Quin’s words. “We can’t quit now. We’re so far. You can’t do this to me. I won’t stop. I won’t.” She tried not to, but the tears streamed down her face.
Treena smiled down at her. “We need to tell him. He has a right to know,” she said softly. She looked straight into Gohan’s eyes. “I know he will help us.”
At this Quin stopped struggling. “All right, Treena. We’ll do things your way.”


Before any questions were answered, Treena had insisted that Raikel would be treated first. Gohan had no complaints about this since the girl looked very faint, and it was partly his fault she was in this condition. While she was being bandaged, Raikel starred at Gohan so coldly, he started to feel guilty. As Treena treated her companion, Gohan was suddenly conscious of his own wounds, and how little slept he’d had. He hadn’t slept in over twenty-four hours, and it was almost five in the morning.
When Treena was finished, Gohan started. “Okay, now explain to me why you are here,” Gohan demanded. Even though his voice sounded strong, he felt very nervous. Instead of taking them to the authorities, he had taken the trio to his own home. But he wanted to question them first. Besides, if they are from space, the authorities aren’t exactly the best place.
“Well you see,” Quin began. “When a man and woman really love each other. . .”
“You idiot,” Raikel shouted, and hit him on the head.
Treena shushed them. She then untied the bandana that was around her head, and a long braid of blue hair with purple streaks fell onto her shoulders. “We come from a planet very far away called Vinklin.”
“What about them,” Gohan nodded to the siblings. “They’re Saiyins. They didn’t come from your planet.”
“How do you know about the Saiyins?” Raikel asked eagerly.
“I’ve met them,” Gohan answered trying not to get caught into the technicalities.
“Our dad is a Saiyin,” Quin explained. “Our mother was born on the planet Vinklin. We’re only half-Saiyin.”
“But that doesn’t matter now, does it?” Raikel huffed, not wanting to get sidetracked.
Treena continued in her explanation. “We left our planet to find someone very important to us. He was taken by a scientist by the name of Genkaku. That was three years ago. Since then, we have been following Genkaku, hopping from planet to planet. This is the first time we arrived to one before he has. Unfortunately, we made a slight error coming into your atmosphere, and crashed.”
“That’s why you stole all those car parts,” Gohan guessed, “so you could repair your ship.”
Treena frowned. “You must understand. This is a strange world. We didn’t know anything about your people, and we were running out of time. It was a matter of survival.”
“What do you mean by running out of time?” he asked soberly. “What’s going to happen to the Earth?”
The trio grew very quiet, and none of them could meet his eyes.
“You know something, and I want to know what it is. I all ready know that’s there’s something above the Earth. It must be this Genkaku guy. I have friends up there, too? What does he want?” Gohan asked. “I know the Earth is in trouble, so tell me now!” He was almost at the point of yelling.
Treena swallowed hard, but it was Raikel who answered. “The one we’re looking for is my father. One day he just suddenly disappeared right before my eyes.”
Just like Vegeta, and Picolo.
“We found out about the spaceship above us, so the three of us took a ship and left. We were barely off the planet when bright beam of light shot it. Then is was gone. It just disappeared as if it didn’t even exist. The only thing left was a bunch of charred rocks.” Raikel’s fists tightened, and tears welled up in her eyes. “He’s a monster! He took my father away, and destroyed all of those innocent people. I won’t forgive him!”
Treena was crying by now, softly sobbing with her face in her hands.
Quin decided to finish what the girls started. “Every place we went to, we saw the same thing. It was only after studying this guy that we were able to figure out a traveling pattern. That’s how we got to the Earth first.”
Gohan was solemn. Dendae was right to be afraid. “But why did he take your father?”
“Apparently Genkaku collects the unusual and rare,” Quin answered. “Saiyin’s must be very rare after the destruction of planet Vegeta.”
“H-how long do we have?” Gohan asked, his voice shaking.
“Genkaku has a very strict sleeping schedule. Every fifty days he must sleep. Right now, he’s doing so, and will wake up in less than four hours. Then. . .” Quin’s face was very serious as he stopped talking.
“That’s why we can’t waste any more time,” Raikel half-shouted, and hit the table for emphasis. “We need to take. . .” she stopped in mid-sentence as if she had been frozen. Then surprisingly, Raikel’s head slammed onto the table.
“Uh oh,” a voice said.
“Goten!” Gohan saw his little brother standing behind Raikel’s chair, her tail clenched in his little hand. “What are you doing up?”
At Gohan’s shouts, Goten dropped Raikel’s tail.
She instantly snapped back to life. It didn’t take her long to turn around, and leap at the little boy. Her chair flew backwards as she lunged at Goten.
Goten dodged out of the way of the first attempt to grab him. He wasn’t so lucky the second time.
Raikel grabbed the small half-Saiyin around the collar of his Pjs, and held him up to her face. “Listen up you friggin’ half-pint,” she yelled at Goten. “If you ever grab my tail again, I’ll make you wish you never were born! Got it?!”
“Yeah,” Goten squeaked.
Raikel put him down after threatening him. Goten scrambled away from the wrathful girl, and hid behind Gohan.
“Hey, Gohan. That girl has a tail just like you when you were my age,” Goten told Gohan while tugging at his brother’s shirt.
“You had a tail? You’re a Saiyin?” Raikel asked in unbelief.
“Half-Saiyin,” Gohan said with a smile.
“Well, isn’t this ironic,” Quin chimed in.
“Gohan,” a feminine voice called. “I’m surprised you’re all ready up.”
Chichi walked into the kitchen. “Goten, go get dressed. Bulma will be here to pick you up soon.”
Goten ran to his room.
“Gohan, what’s going on?” Chichi asked worried. She looked at the trio in her kitchen. “Who are they? Are they your friends from school?”
“Not exactly, mom. This is Treena, Quin, and Raikel,” Gohan introduced. “Guys this is my mom.”
All of them waved and said, “Hello.”
“We don’t have much time to explain, mom. I have to skip school today,” Gohan told Chichi.
Like a good mother, she immediately put on her stern face. “Why? What could be more important than school? Are you going to train for the tournament today?”
“No, we have to go save the world,” Gohan explained.
Chichi’s face turned frightened. “There isn’t another monster you have to fight?”
“I told you, it’s a long story,” Gohan said shaking his head. “I’ll tell you when we get back.”
“Okay then. But please be careful,” Chichi said softly.
Gohan went over, and hugged his mom. “I will. Come on guys. Let’s go.” Gohan walked to the door with the alien trio following.
When he opened the front door, Gohan stopped dead in his tracks when he met something worse than a dozen monsters.
“Uh. . .Hey Videl.”