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Hatashi's comics

*NEW* Here's a new comic that Hatashi did. Don't tell her I said this, but its really funny. I don't want her to know I actually like her.

The Adventures of Saiya-Tashi:

A new comic by Hatashi about her first meeting with Saiya-man, which turns into a disaster. . . at least for Saiya-man.

Cover page

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Have you ever wondered if the cast of DBZ EVER made mistakes. Well, they have. I have made these semiperfect comics of them. Everyone should enjoy them because I did such a great job on them. This is my best work ever.
TAY! Tell the truth!
Ahhhhh! Okay, fine. Hatashi did them. But I helped. I put in the videos she watched.

Episode 93: The Heavens Tremble

The horrible apple

Making friends.

We love you just the way you are.

New Gaurdain?

Enter the "Girlfriend."

Episode 94:Black Fog of Terror

Found him. . .Opse

Swim Suit Issue

The Wedding of the Century.