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Thank you for coming to my Dragonball Z fanfiction. These stories have been my pride and joy, and the only reason I started a webpage. I love to write, and make up stories. After reading my fanfics, I would love to hear any sort of constructive criticism. I welcome your emails. My email address is

Perfection's Flaw

Part one Price of the Priceless:

The Z fighters are anxious for the tournament to begin in a few weeks and Goku to come back for the day. Unfortunately for them, the time doesn't pass by as smoothly. Gohan has some trouble as he tracks down some strange car theives that are more than they seem. But when he thinks he has more than he can handle, some of Earth's most powerful fighters turn up missing without a trace along with an old friend of Krillin's.

Part two (Coming Soon) The Curse of a Hero:

The Z fighters are (still) waiting for the tournament to begin. The new Saiyins have a hard time adjusting to their new life. Hatashi has a secret that she's been waiting to give to the press.