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Welcome to Hatashi's Dragonball Z art. She would like you to know that most of this "priceless" art is CRAP! Yes. She claims to have some of the worst art. For those of you that don't want to see her really crappy stuff, the art have devided into sections. The top ones are her best and the lower you go the crappier they get. Don't worry, as she gets better, and gets some better stuff, the crap will be thrown out.


The good DBZ art

The Adventures of Saiya-Tashi:

A new comic by Hatashi about her first meeting with Saiya-man, which turns into a disaster. . . at least for Saiya-man.

Cover page

Page one:The Hero and the Dork
Page two: Opse

*NEW*Page three: Up, Up and away?. . .Maybe.

*NEW* Page four: The plot thickens

*NEW* Hatashi was on a Gargoyle's fix during the summer, so she drew this. How come none of these have me in it?

*NEW* Hatashi teasing Vegeta.

A picture Hatashi made in art class. She was trying to draw Krillin, and it really sucked.

Hatashi's best piture of Goku and Vegeta.

Lots of Puars come to worship me. Why did you draw this Hatashi?

Haha. Gohan fell on Krillin.

A picture of Goku and Krillin as kids.

Goku laughs as Krillin and Yamcha try out the gravitational machine.

Facial expressions of Puar and me.

Vegeta laying down.

Hatashi drew this picture after a boy was being mean to her. It makes me laugh.

The old art

It's my picture

Picolo drawn with Gel Pens.

Puar loves the Yamcha kitties. I find it very strange though.

Gohan and a angry looking Krillin

A couple of Hatashi's old original characters.

Her original characters buggin' Goku

An old comic with her original characters.

A picture of Saiyaman

The crappy art

Crappy pictures of Gohan Kitty.

Crappy pictures of Vegeta and Goku Kitty.

Crappy Goku and Krillin's heads.

A shirtless crappy Vegeta

The crappy old art.

A scene as the DBZ gang as kids. Aren't I cute?

Krillin Kitty

Vegeta and Gohan pictures.

The really really crappy old art.

The beginning of the "Pokemon vs. DBZ" battles.

First match in the battle against Pokemon.

Pokemon vs. DBZ. Match 2

Picolo against a dead fish. Hee hee.

Gohan is suppose to fight Mew but look what happened instead.

Another match with the pokemon

Vegeta vs. Jigglypuff.

This is one of Hatashi's favorite "Poke vs. DBZ".

Really bad drawing of Vegeta and a Jigglypuff.

Hatashi's first drawing of "Poke vs. DBZ".