Jess's Drawings

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Basically, these are some of the drawings I've done. Most of them were drawn when I was bored, which happens a lot with me...buuuttt...that could be a good thing considering that it prompts me to draw more. Some of the drawings are paintings and some were done on the computer, but they're all by me, so enjoy. ^.^

I can't draw flowers to save my life. >> I had a reference picture when I drew this, but I did not trace. I only looked at the picture and tried to free hand copy it. I drew it for my grandmother since I don't get to see her much and she has cancer. I thought this would brighten her day a little. ^.^

I drew this at the beginning of this school year. I liked someone at that point, and he was already a friend, so I drew that. It hinted toward me liking him, and I think he had his suspicions that I liked him, but he never said anything. He just said that he thought the picture was really good

I drew this for someone who is very special to me. Very close. Out of all the pictures I've ever drawn, this one holds the most sentimental value. You would have to know what happened to fully get the idea of this, but I hope you like it despite not knowing background information on it

This is one of the few pictures I've colored. >> I know the coloring job isn't too good on this one, but hey, I tried so enjoy. ><

This is one of my rp characters. This is the first picture that some of my friends saw. >> The picture isn't even that good. When they said they had seen it, I just kinda paled and though "oh crap" ><

This is a picture that I drew for one of Chris's rp characters. Chris is one of my friends. His character's name is Matt, and he is a very powerful Makai demon. He's killed quite a few assassins who have come after him, and I truthfully don't know if he has ever been defeated by anyone. There's a poem that I wrote that goes along with his character, so if you want to know what the character is like, click on the link
Crimson Knight

This was drawn for a project in my art class. We were doing contour line drawings. That is basically where you use only lines to draw the outline and details of the object. Absolutely no shading is done. I had reference pictures for these drawings. >> That's why they came out so well. Now if I could only draw this good without a reference picture

This is the other contour line drawing that I had to do for my art class. This one came out a lot better than the bunny. I liked this one. >>

Most of my friends are guys and a couple of them are total perverts, so I thought I would draw this for them. >> I know I shouldn't give them ideas with stuff like this but it made them laugh, so it was worth it

Another colored one. I drew this a while a year ago. Enjoy >>

I was bored one day and drew this. I showed it to one of my friends and he thought it was cute. I told him I would color it using black and red buuuttt...I still haven't gotten around to doing that yet. -.-'

I was pissed off when I drew this. The whole "conformity kills" theme came from one of my friends because he told me about a local band that had that name. I liked the name and so did a drawing using that theme.

I drew this when I had first met my friend Chris. The writing on the side says "hasn't realized he's free from Laurie's grasp yet ><" Laurie is my best friend. A lot of guys like her and she has claimed a lot of them as her "pets" >< lol So yeah....Chris is supposed to be her pet in this picture.

Just a random drawing. One of my better ones and the only one I have where someone is looking sidesways. ><

This is my english teacher I had in tenth grade. >< lol She looks exactly like that. I redrew it at one point and gave her a copy.

Feral Wind (A story I wrote a couple years ago. It's just a rough draft)