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The rules are as follows.

1.Absolutely no cheating...Cause no matter what people can always tell if your lying by checking the site.... So why risk getting kicked out when you can just be honest.
2.Do not curse that much because some children or other people may not agree with it... So keep cursing to a limit.
3.Last but not least. Do NOT try to make yourself seem more powerful then what you are because sooner or later someone will nail that thought into the ground. So dont even try. Plus the leaders of this site can easily kick you out.

Now onto getting attack dmg during a battle.

First off.... The damage you deal will be determined by rolling a die to the number coresponding to the attack. In other words if your attack has a 1d6 beside it... that meens roll 1, 6 sided die. Once you get that number you add it to your Strength. Then thats the amount of damage you shall do. Same for spells except it will work for Int. instead.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask at anytime.