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The Jobs are as follows.

1.Enginer-Helps build the site and come up with ideas. Only the site manager can apoint this so if you wish to be one, send me an email. ( will be paid 1k gold per month if you are one.
2.Blacksmith-There are 2 different kinds or Blacksmiths. There is the armor smith and the weapon smith. Both being paid differently. Smiths get paid on how much there item sells for. They get paid 1/4th the amount of money the item sold for... so if it sold for 40 gold, they will get 10 out of it and so on. You make the items and I choose how much dmg it does.
3.Shop owner-Same as the Smiths except you can be a show owner of any of the shops. Spells,weapons,armor, ect. They also get paid 1/4th of an item sold.
4.Abilities Designer-They make abilities for the classes that need them. If you come up with good abilities that I agree on or any other of my Enginers agree on then you will get 100 gold per ability. You get to make the abilities, I choose how much dmg it will do. You can only make 10 per week.
5.Quests Designer-You get to help design the quests. Such as you can hold tournaments, have alliances fight each other, ect. You get paid 1k per event. 1 event per month.
6.Spells Designer-You can help create spells for the magic users. You create the spell but I choose how much dmg it will do. You get paid 100 gold per spell. Up to 10 spells per week.
7.Job Designer-You get to help design jobs. You design the job I choose how much money they get. Only 10 jobs per week.