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Their Initials are G and B

While walking home, high-school student Natsumi sees an adorable cat. While taking a picture of it, she accidentally takes a picture of a cop involved in dirty business. She escapes, but not before the cop grabs her precious cat keychain. She travels to the Honky Tonk, run by Wan Paul, to seek out the Get Backers. These Get Backers would happen to be the infamous… well… maybe not infamous… maybe not even famous… Amano Ginji and Midou Ban.

They initially refuse her case on the basis that she can't pay, but she pleads with them. It seems the cat is a precious memento of her departed mother. After many failed attempts, and getting their car towed, the Get Backers finally manage to retrieve the cat- only to find out they now need to get back their client!

A showdown with the police officer reveals their secret weapons. Ginji can make electricity from his body like an electric eel. Ban, in addition to his crushing hand, has the Evil Eye or Jagan, which is the ability to trap his enemies in a dream world for the time of one minute. In the end, it turns out that Ban used his Evil Eye for a duel purpose- while fighting the cop, he also gave Natsumi a pleasant dream of her departed mother. It seems the Evil Eye is more than it seems…

In the end, Natsumi gets a job at the Honky Tonk. Is this the beginning of a good or a bad thing?

Bring Back the Rusted Bonds

Ban and Ginji, unable to find work, are starving to death on the streets until an old man kindly gives them some sushi. In return for his kindness, they demonstrate Ginji's abilities. The old man tells them the story of how he lost his factory and his daughter, Yamamura Rika, to the Yazuka group Tatsukawagumi in return for his debts.

They get to Rika and she agrees to take them to a "hidden exit," but Ban's face reflects that he seems to have some doubts about her sincerity. Instead of taking them to an exit, she delivers them straight into the hands of a bunch of Yakuza thugs. She explains that she's now the woman of the boss, and that her beautiful clothes and diamond rings mean more to her than her "trash" father ever could. She blames her father for his own downfall.

Only then is it revealed that the gangster intentionally drove Yamamura into the ground, planning all along to take the factory's land value as well as his beautiful daughter for himself, that he drove the father into giving her up rather than throwing her away as Rika had believed.

As the warehouse apparently bursts into flame, Rika cries out for the boss to save her, and in response he throws her aside. As the flames close in on her, she screams out to her father for help, only for the Jagan vision to end.

Despite all that trouble, Rika refuses to follow the Get Backers, instead choosing to remain stubbornly at the Yakuza base. Upset, Ginji follows his partner away from the building. As they near the old man's place, they hear the sound of an ambulance and find out the old man is dying. Ginji starts to apologize for being unable to bring Rika, when the old man's eyes tear up and Rika appears. He dies, having finally gotten to see his daughter one last time. As the episode closes, the implication is made: Ban used his Jagan to make the old man see the girl, just so that he could die happily.