Mission Statement

They're onto you Ray...give us a wave Ray...You're on their list to dudu...

That isn't like a magic truck.

From the people who make you ask yourself the important questions in life, like, "What knickers?" , well these people have brought the infamous El Gaffer to the web for your pleasure.

Now. Try to Resist THIS.

Anyone up for a party this week? Any themes? Locations? Celebrity guests? Chad Michael Glowface perhaps?
Also, i would like to remind you all of the monthly banquet - which has to be organised sometime before the end of the month by someone.

Now I have been forced to ask you another question and by question its really more of an angry shouty message:


This isn't just a message to all you duck-lovers who are well aware of this guestbook and are just too lazy to post, but also to anyone else who happens to drop in, like my mother, your cousin and that creepy Jerry guy who has probably found this web address and is licking the computer screen.
(Thanks Jerry!)
Also, I have been forced by my mam to tell you that the ezboard should be working, I was able to post in there....so.....
GO! Go! GO!


Pictures can be found in 'The Evidence' section of the Krunk'd evenings that we have had over the past few months during and more importantly


college hours.
If you have pictures (old or new), please send them to ElleGaffo@hotmail.com. For sure, yeah, for sure.

The Links (sexy porn sites):

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El Gaffer Edition 2
El Gaffer Edition 3
El Gaffer Edition 4
Bumper Special

Ezboar: Leave Your Stain!

The Evidence
Red Hot Chili Peppers
John Frusciante
SeniorFriendFinder.com - It's never too late to fall in love!

Email: ElleGaffo@hotmail.com