1)      Ezboar

2)      Wet Sex Song

3)      Musey Pressure

4)      Foetus in a Jar

5)      Against All Odds

6)      Boys Suck Like Hooovers

7)      Black Like Your Soul

8)      Away in a Mmmmmbrat

9)      Fin

This group is the ultimate in shit. That is to say, how you say, this is THE shit. Yes yes they are and they go by the name of PICASSOS LOVE CHILD. Rolling Stone and Ea-monn Dunphy gives this vocal harmony funk band a thumbs up.  In fact, Ea-monn (of summer smash “Fuck you I want you back”)  gives 3 thumbs up. Birth defects are a touchy subject, but my man Ea-monn has been spotted receiving treatment from Professor Torbo in the Dept of Depression. For more info on birth defects and dementia (if that’s what does it for ya) go to and sign the guest book. Actually you all should totally download that song by Emma Bunton where she has shiny thighs, that’s what their music is all about.

Icelandick punk is juxtaposed blindingly with Kevin Lyttle-esque dope beats, giving a haunting, unforgettable, poignant, and pure class atmospheric atmosphere that is so loaded with sex appeal that it smacks the listener in the face like drugs….that one might find in the California-Luxembourg studios, Glendale. The album was lavishly recorded in the California-Luxembourg Studios,Glendale. Technical support (by experienced techie “I do stuff” Dowd) is just absolutely outstanding, perhaps the highlight for this writer-and im one of the two members of the freaking band. Stunning.




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Being Foreign?

In your own land. Now that’s something worth writing about to fill up this gaping space that is this page which is my life. ((((((      )))))))))does this look like it signifies space?answers to el gaffo, corko

The El Gaffer staff night out in the Brog, or as it was that night, a foreign country, was like being in a foreign country.For it culminated in events that involved a real life boybander and a jeep. Talk to joe!*creepy voice- “hello joe”. Anyway the point is people kept asking us if we were foreign. it was hilarious.






This entitles you to one free discussion about vagina’s/periods with lyndel.





                                                    Mystic Pam and Crazy Barbara


You remember to do something you should have done last week and decide to do it even though it’s late and doing it means not doing your English homework. Resist the urge to send naked photographs of yourself to celebrities.



Your rising planet is in full bloom. Now is an excellent time to ask for a promotion. The only better time would have been when you caught your boss sexually harassing the new secretary.



Satan enters your body at might and makes you do terrible, terrible things. It would be wise to get someone to tie you to the bed at night. Fun too.



We all make mistakes from time to time. Forgive yourself and move on. Of course, she probably would have lived if you hadn’t reversed back over her to see if you had hit something.


You’ve really become interested  in the art of felching. Set the artist free. Quit your day-job and become a full-time felcher. If you work hard, the financial rewards are there for the taking.



Your wicked temper might get you into trouble this month. Get rid of that excess anger by beating the small child you have locked in your cellar. If all else fails, temporary insanity is now an acceptable excuse for shooting your co-workers.



You enjoy watching Zarzie as she sleeps. We all do. But stop telling her that in short, freaky letters. Zarzie could never love an ugly, pre-op transvestite.



You’re feeling sad and listless. Take hearty in the fact that the symbol for your star-sign is a pair of fish in the 69 position. It’s funny-because they’re fish!


Jupiter is traversing Saturn

which means you will eat turkey on the 25th. Unless you are a vegetarian. In that case, you will be ostracized by restaurants


The rest of you cretins don’t matter as we don’t see a future for you. Go to for your fucking horoscopes.


Mystic Pam and Crazy Barbara signing off for the hot tub.


Some drugs.




Middle aged man seeks Thai woman. For friendship. Interest in Farmmaster 3000 machinery essential. And TRUCKS.


Flower Arranging/ Basket Weaving.



Missing: Knickers

Contact Dr.ZarzieM.D.B.A.



SPECIAL OFFER @ Leaksa’s Plumbing Salon now offering 6 week course on Michael’s wonder diet.

Did wonders for him. *Guaranteed a good time and free beer.

~“It’s gross but you’ll like it”~


*not guaranteed



What knickers?


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