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Chronicles of the Die Force

Chronicles of the Die Force – Issue 7: Re-roll

                Boomtown, a place of chaos and destruction, once a beautiful marketplace called Baumton, until it was reduced to nothing more than a disaster area during the Rikti war, having met up with the Longbow and the other heroes Dee Six and Dee Four had been given there assignment. James stopped with a large number of Longbow soldiers at the entrance to the Longbow facility. The heroes were patrolling the area ahead, looking for any sign of the Council advance.

                Night had just fallen when on of the advance Longbow scouts radioed in saying he spoted a large force Of Council troops heading towards the base, normal troops, Galaxy’s, Vampyri, Warwolves and a host of robots large and small, all marching in rank towards the base. The hero quickly rallied and took their positions on the front line. They seem spread thinly compared to the massive army heading for the base. Dee Four swung her flaming falchion round as she waited from the attack with her white flame shield burning brightly around her. Dee Six floated above the battle scene, ready to fire of attack or healing spells at a moments notice.

 “They out number us, at least twenty, maybe thirty to one.” Remarked Dee six, her altitude letting her catch the first glimpse of the sheer numbers of the Council force.

 “At least it’ll not be boring.” Dee Four remarked.

 “Careful Asuka, this isn’t going to be a cake walk, we’re vastly outnumbered here.”

 “Yeah, I know.” Replied Dee Four suddenly turning very serious. “I can’t even say my favourite outnumbered line.”

 “Here they come!” Said Dee Four loudly so the other heroes could hear her.

                The Council forces suddenly broke rank and sped up beginning a charge. Dee Four gripped her sword tighter as forces came over a hill, a hoard of Warwolves at the head of the charge.

 “Hold the line, make sure none get through!” Yelled one of the other heroes. Dee Four snarled as the Warwolves got ever closer.

 “No, none will get through.”

                At the last moment Dee Four lunged forward and struck several charging Warwolves in a horizontal swipe. They wolves that were hit all dropped to the ground and made all the wolves behind them trip over the wounded. The other heroes quickly met with their fights and the war began.


                The Longbow agents guarding the entrance of the base watched in wonder as the Heroes displayed courage skill and power. They battled a heavily outnumbering force but they wer not allowing anything to break through the line of a mere five heroes. Dee Six flew up and down the battle line healing the wounds and exhaustion of the heroes. However, the heroes could not maintain their pace indefinitely. Overwhelmed by the sheer numbers once the rest of the Council forces entered into the battle, the first hero to fall to a serious wound teleported safely to the nearest hospital. The remaining heroes adjusted the line to cope but people now started to seep through meaning the Longbow forces had to start their fight. James watched the battle wanting so much to just run forward and help the heroes. The commanding Longbow Officer watched him carefully noticing the desire to help that was on his face.

                Dee Four was standing a top a pile of wounded unconscious Council bodies chopping down even more of them now with her great sword. She was ploughing through the troops; she was sweating and covered in mild fighting wounds and small amounts of blood.

 “Come on you pansies, can’t you put up more of a fight!” She yelled taunting the foes so they would attack her instead of charging the base. Finally the Council robots arrived to join the fight. A Second hero was force to teleport out now leaving a prominent hole in the hero defensive line. James almost ran forward to try and cover it.

 “No!” Stated the Longbow Officer. “Hold the line here, that’s an order.”

 “But sir!”

 “That’s an order soldier!” James cursed as he looked at the battle.

                Dee Six blasted a Vampyri off one of the remaining heroes before quickly casting a healing spell upon them. A large flaming explosion emanating from Dee four’s location blasted a large number of Council soldiers on the air.

 “Asuka!” Dee Six quickly flew over to her friend and saw that she was becoming weak. She cast several healing spells upon her allowing her to continue the fight.

 “Thanks Miliar!” Shouted Dee Four as she restarted her assault on the Council hoards.

                Down to two attacking heroes and a healer, the Longbow soldiers were starting to have to work to protect the base entrance, but the work of the heroes had reduced the attacking forces greatly. Soon the Council forces started to overwhelm Dee Four and the other attacking hero despite Dee Six’s best efforts.

 “Sir we have to help them!” Stated James looking at the Longbow Officer.

 “Hold your positions.”

 “If we don’t help them then the Council forces will charge and overwhelm us anyway!” Yelled James.

 “You’re out of line soldier.”

 “There’s still over half the army left, if the hero’s fall, if MY FRIENDS fall, we’ll stand no chance against that many soldiers.”

 “Hold the line soldier, that is an order!”

 “No sir! I can’t knowing stand here and watch anymore.” James dropped is weapon. He looked at the battle before darting off towards it at almost inhuman speed.

 “Get back here soldier!” Yelled the Officer.

                James wasn’t listening however, he charge straight into the combat Kicking away several Council which gave Dee Four enough time and space to pull herself from the pile and start fighting again.

 “James, should you be at the base entrance?” Asked Dee Four as she noticed he had joined the fight.

 “You need my help more.” Dee Four smiled and nodded as she slugged a solider holding a flame thrower. Since James was helping Dee Four, Dee Six quickly teleported the other hero out of the pile up he was in and healed him before he continued the fight.

 “Things aren’t looking too good are they?” He shouted to Dee Six.

 “We’re not doing too badly; we just have to hold out a little longer.” Dee Six replied.

                Dee Four cleave a Mk 1 Zenith Warcry in two with her great sword as James crane kicked an Equinox Parasite into a group of regular Council soldiers. Taking hold of the leg of one have of the fallen robot she swung it round and shot it into the middle of the large group she was fighting.

 “Okay this isn’t funny anymore.” She remarked slightly tired.

 “You thought this was funny?” Asked James delivering a stiff kick to a Warwolf.

 “Oh you have no idea.” As the fight continued there was a sudden rumbling from the back of the Council forces. Dee Six smiled as she saw what it was. Cybernaught, along with a team of other heroes was attacked from the rear.

 “About time they got here.” Dee Six remarked.

 “The back up finally arrive?” Asked Dee Four loudly to Dee Six.


 “Back up?” Asked James.

 “Yeah, while we’ve been fighting, Dee six called a friend of ours.” Dee Four quickly drove her great sword through the chests of several robots very much like a kebab skewer. “He got a team of other heroes together and they’ve just arrived, attacking the rear of this army.”

                With the help of the newly arrived heroes the Council forces were routed as though that could, fled. The base was untouched; the mission had been a success. The heroes gathered in front of the base, exhausted.

 “Thanks for the assist Cy, don’t know if we could have done it without you.” Said Dee Six, while she was not physically exhausted, she was magically drained.

 “No problem, you’d be there for me.” Cybernaught replied with a slightly robotic undertone to his voice.

 “Oh I can’t wait to get him.” Remarked Dee Four. “I’ll get in a boiling hot bath and have a nice long soak.”

 “I hear that.” Said one of the other heroes.

 “Why don’t you head off now, I’ll handle the clean up.” Suggested Dee Six.

 “Yeah, I think I will… thanks.” Dee Four left the group, using her great strength to leap high in the air. Several of the other heroes also said goodbye and left.

                A Longbow Officer walked over to the heroes and thanked them for the assistance. He reported that the weapons had all been destroyed.

 “They sent quite a force; they must have really wanted those things.” Said Dee Six.

 “Yes, we already have people investigating why such a large force was sent, you need not worry.” The Officer than turned to James. “As for you however, you do need to worry, we do not deal with disobeying orders lightly. Return back to academy, you will be punished there.”

 “Yes sir.” Said James sorrowfully, lowering her head. The Officer walked away. Dee Six placed her right hand on James’s left shoulder.

 “Hey, don’t worry, I know that Asuka was happy to have your help, and you held your own VERY well.”

 “Thanks.” Said James looking at Dee Six with a small smile.

                When James returned to the academy he was granted a reprieve as it was night, and he was allowed to retire to his room. The following morning however and he was brought up before several high ranking Longbow Ballista’s.

 “Do you know why you’re here today James?” Asked the second of three Ballista’s

 “Because I help my friends.” Said James, his voice echoing his displeasure at being there.

 “Because you disobeyed orders!” Remarked the first Ballista. “You broke rank despite order to the contrary; it could have meant the failure of the mission!”

 “You think I should have let my friends get killed.”

 “They had the new beacons they would not have died.” Said the third Ballista.

 “That means nothing!” Stated James. “I contacted them I asked them to help, if they got hurt I would have been responsible for it.”

 “Admirable devotion but it does not negate your actions.” Said the second Ballista. “And because of them, you must be punished.” James looked at the floor before gritting his teeth and looking at the Ballista’s.

 “Don’t bother.” He remarked. “I hereby tender my resignation of Longbow service.”

                The Ballista’s sat in silence not expecting James’s words. The silence lasted for a little over a minute before the first Ballista spoke.

 “You wish to leave.”

 “I came here because I failed at an attempt to be a hero. Yet I learned more in one evening with two heroes than my entire Longbow training. Last night I realised something, I’m better off trying my luck as a hero again.”

 “If you leave you may not rejoin Longbow ranks, do you really believe you can protect the streets of Paragon City, alone?” Asked the second Ballista.

 “With all due respect, I won’t be alone. I’ll protect the streets with my friends.”

 “Then go.” Remarked the third Ballista coldly.


                Later that day James was in Atlas City staring at the statue of Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, the statue of the hero who died protecting Paragon City from the Nazis. He had been given a dishonourable discharge from Longbow meaning no matter what, he could never return. As he stood looking at the statue, Dee Four and Dee Six walked up to him.

 “Hey James, looks they your right on time.” Said Dee Four he looked at them and smiled.

 “Actually I’ve been here for about… an hour, not like I have anything better to do.”

 “I guess not.” Said Dee Six with a chuckle. “I have to admit I was a little shocked when you called us this morning, I didn’t expect it at all.”

 “Yeah, are you sure you want to do this?”

 “Well I can’t go back to the Longbow anymore, and I did come to Paragon to be a hero.”

 “Okay then, then let get your new name and our group status registered.”

 “Yeah, welcome to the Die Force… Dee Eight.” James smiled and released and small laugh as the three headed towards Atlas City Hall so James could restart his life as a hero, as Dee Eight.