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Chronicles of the Die Force

Chronicles of the Die Force – Issue 6: Racial Enemy

                The Longbow Officer applauded James as he finished off the last of the Clockwork within an abandoned building.

 “Well done James well done, you’re progress these last few days has been astonishing. You just about walked that test.” He remarked.

 “Thank you sir.” James replied, slightly out of breath. I’m going to return to the academy, why don’t you can and celebrate your victory… maybe at Pocket D or one of the bars on Talos. Either way, you take it easy until tomorrow.”

 “Yes, of course, thank you sir.”

                To say James was pleased was an understatement, the hints and tips given to him by Dee Four and Dee Six had been the final push he had need to fully refine his skills. He decided to take the advice of the Longbow Officer, and used the Kings Row entrance to go to Pocket D.

                Ran by the mysterious DJ Zero, Pocket D was a large twenty four seven club; it was a neutral zone where heroes and villains could gather without fear of violence against one another. This was not James’s first time to Pocket D, he arrived in the main complex to see the club was moderately filled with people from numerous different heroic and criminal organisations, from Arachnos to Wyvern. He walked up to the bar.

 “How you doing, what can I get you today?” Remarked Sam the bartender.

 “A beer please.” Replied James.

 “Sure, you seem happy today.” Remarked Sam as he grabbed a bottle of beer from beneath to bar and opening it.

 “Sure am, I passed my Longbow test today.” James picked up the bottle after it was placed in front of him and took a drink from it.

 “Really? Well congratulations.” Said Sam.

 “Thanks.” James replied. “I owe it to a couple of heroes I met; I wish I could contact them and thank them… But trying to find a specific hero in Paragon City.”

 “A needle in a haystack?”

 “Exactly!” Stated James tipping his drink to Sam’s comment.

 “Who where they, everyone’s been here at least once, heroes and villains alike.”

 “Well they were two females, ones called Dee Six, the other, Dee Four.”

                Sam cleaned a glass as he thought. Heroes and villains both often had such strange names that most of them were very memorable.

 “Hmm, the names do seem familiar.” He finally remarked. “But that’s not much to go on.”

 “Guess not with the amount of heroes and villains that come and go here.”

 “Why don’t you go and take a seat, no use agonising over something you can’t change, if I remember anything I’ll tell you okay?”

 “Okay, thanks.” James went and took a seat that looked over the dance floor.

                Pocket D was always a strange sight; you could see mortal enemies engaged not in combat, but in normal everyday conversation. As James sat down he could see Carnies talking with Wyvern, Longbow conversing with Arachnos, heroes and villains talking like they were just normal everyday people.

                Meanwhile in the corner of the club having just been told something by Sam a man dressed in normal civilian clothes was making a call on his mobile phone. Despite Pocket D being a parallel universe phones still seemed to work.


 “Miliar, its Calab.”

 “Oh hey Calab, what’s up?” Asked Dee Six.

 “Well, you know how you said to come to Pocket D and watch out for anyone that mentioned your name?”


 “I don’t know how you knew but this guy came in and asked if Sam remembered you.”

 “Right…” Dee Six looked over to Dee Four who was holding a Warwolf at bay by its jaws. It was looming over her but her strength was holding it back and keeping its jaws open. She turned back to the phone “We’re a little busy with a Council base at the moment. Can you stale him or something until we get there.”

 “Sure I can try, but don’t be too long.”

 “Against the Council are you kidding?” Calab chuckled.

 “Guess you’re right, see you soon.”

 “Yeah, be there soon.” Dee Six hung up the phone just as she heard the sound of snapping bone followed by a loud dog like yelp of pain. She sighed and looked over her shoulder. “Come on Asuka we need at least one of them to be able to talk.”

 “Sorry!” Remark Dee Four innocently.

                Back in Pocket D and Calab stood carefully watching James. Just walking up to him and striking up a conversation would be suspicious and not a wise move as there was little for him to strike up a conversation with.

 “I’ll just watch him for now.” Thought Calab. “If he goes to leave I’ll try and stop him somehow.”

                Fortunately for Calab Dee Six and Dee Four soon entered Pocket D with the look of success beaming on their faces.

 “Ahh, nothing more relaxing that beating the hell out of a group of Warwolves.” Remarked Dee Four as she arrived at the bar.

 “Don’t forget that platoon of Galaxy’s.” Said Dee Four.

 “The Mighty Mincing Council Ranger’s? Yeah, I guess they make good punch bags.” Dee Six chuckled.

 “I’ll get the drinks.” She remarked. “You go find a seat.”

 “Okay.” Dee Four trotted off with a happy spring in her step. She stepped out onto the dance floor lightly dancing around as she looked for somewhere to sit. She took off her sun glasses and smiled as she spotted James. She confidently strode over to him, James only spotting her at the last moment. She slumped down on a seat beside his.

 “So, how’d it go?” She asked plainly.

 “Asuka, hi, it went great, I past it easily.” James replied happy to see her.

 “I knew you would.”

 “Thanks for the stuff you and Dee Six told me, it really helped.”

 “Glad to be of assistance.” Remarked Dee Six walking up to the two and handing Dee Four a drink.

                The three sat and talked for quite some time, the friendship of the trio increasing greatly as the night ticked on. After sever hours however Dee Four and Dee Six had to leave, as did James, he was getting has first assignment the following day and couldn’t be late.

 “Okay well here.” Dee Six handed James a slip of paper.

 “What’s this?”

 “The numbers to our cell phones, if you ever need any help, just give us a call.” Dee six explained.

 “Okay, thanks.”


                The next morning James woke up early, and for the first time donned his Longbow uniform. He had a long way to go before landing a position in special operations so his uniform was just the typical red and white Longbow uniform. After getting changed he went to the briefing room to receive his first mission. He was sitting in a large room with over twenty others. In front of them all was a Longbow Officer and behind him a projector screen.

 “Welcome to all new recruits, I’m sorry to say that this is not the usual mission briefing.” The Longbow Officer pressed a button on the remote control in his hand the insignia of the Council appeared in the projector screen behind him. “The Council, formerly known as the Fifth Column, a week ago several heroes launched an attack on a Council base. They brought out several crates of a new prototype weapon. This weapon is a mix of Rikti, Nictus, and human technology.”

                The Officer pressed the button again and small undetailed design spec of the new weapon appeared on the screen. At first glance it looked like a normal quantum rifle but it had the familiar green glow of a Rikti power core around the barrel if the gun. Attached to just below this was a flamethrower nuzzle. A platoon of well train soldiers wielding these weapons would be very difficult to defeat.

 “These are the only weapons of this type in existence, the heroes in question made sure that all data on these weapons were destroyed. These weapons themselves are scheduled for destruction at our Boomtown base.”

                The picture of the weapon vanished and was replaced by a map of Boomtown, a red dot on it showed the location of the base, which was not far from the location of the old base of the Freedom Phalanx.

 “However.” Continued the Officer. “Somehow the Council have discovered where we’re holding the weapons and have planed a raid to retrieve them. We at Longbow cannot permit this to happen. The raid is expected to occur tonight; because of this we are bolstering the defences of the base. All the soldiers in this room will create the front line of the base defence, if the Council manage to get past you and inside the base. Chances are they will manage to retrieve the weapons.” A raised hand made the Officer stop and look at its owner. “Yes?”

 “Won’t they have to carry the crates out the base too?” The female soldier asked.

 “No, all they’ll need to do is attach a teleporter beacon to it and activate it. So it’s imperative that they don’t get in. But, you won’t be alone; we have enlisted the aid of several of Paragon City’s hero population. They will thin the Council number prior to your engagement. You’re orders are simple: hold your ground not matter what, protect the entrance at all costs. I know it sounds cruel but even if you see a hero in trouble, you are to hold the line, if you break from the line it leaves an opening that the Council can use to get into the base.”

                Another hand was raised and they asked how many heroes they would have to help them. The Longbow Officer nodded acknowledging the validity of the question.

 “Unfortunately we have only been able to get three heroes to help us, we’ve tried to get more but have been unable to do so.” James instantly looked at the piece of paper he had, he had put it in his pocket though wasn’t sure why. “Any other questions?” No one raised their hands. “Very well, go and get ready for deployment, we move out in sixty minutes.”

                Everyone left, James not realising, he was just looking at the paper. The Longbow Officer noticed him before he left.

 “Soldier, is something wrong?” He asked. James snapped out of his gaze and looked at his commanding officer.

 “No sir, sorry sir, it’s the number of a couple of heroes that once helped me, I was thinking that they might be able to help.”

 “Really, well why don’t you give them a call, if they’re willing to help they can met us as the base and be placed then.”

 “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

 “No problem soldier.”


                Dee Four had just got of the shower; a towel was wrapped around her body. She walked over to the dining table were her mobile was sitting. It was playing a slow melodic tune indicating someone was trying to ring her. She picked up the phone and answered the call.


 “Umm, hi, Dee Four?”

 “Yeah, who’s this?” Asked Dee Four.

 “It’s James.”

 “Oh hi James, what’s up, didn’t expect to get a call from you so soon.” Replied Dee Four happily and with a smile.

 “Yeah, well, Longbow has something going down in Boomtown and they could really use the help of a couple of heroes like you and Dee Six.”


 “Yes, we’ve got about three heroes to help already but we’re up against the Council and they have a lot of troops.”

 “Council? Say no more, I’ll throw my costume one and call Dee Six and we’ll head to Boom.”

 “Excellent, thanks.”

 “No problem, when it comes to the Council I’ll take any excuse to beat them down, see you soon.”

 “Right.”. Both people hung up.