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Chronicles of the Die Force

Chronicles of the Die Force – Issue 4: Attack of Opportunity

                Jumping off the balcony of the entrance to the room Dee Four landed in an open area. At the far wall talking to several Carnies, she saw her target: Dee Six. She was now wearing a tight black top, skirt and, boots all adorned with yellow magic symbols, as well as the circlet that was meant to enhance her power. The large great sword appeared in Dee Four’s hand as she looked upon her former mentor with fury filled eyes.

 Miliar!” She yelled loudly. Dee Six finally noticed her and smiled.

 “Asuka, how nice to see you, we heard you were fortunate enough to survive.” Said Dee Six, with an evil voice. “We thought that if we waited long enough you’d find your way here. We have an offer to make you.”

 “What could you possibly have to offer me? You attack an ally, burn our home and ordered my death! What could YOU offer ME!

 “Join us Asuka, aren’t you tired of always following the rules. As a team we were unstoppable, imagine what we could do without the rules of ‘heroes’ restraining us.” Dee Six remarked.

 “Never!” Dee Four replied instantly. “Darkness is one path I will NEVER follow.”

 “Are you sure about that?”

 “Deadly sure.”

 “So be it Asuka, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

                Several Carnies descended from the rafters and surrounded Dee Four. She growled as Dee Six turned around and resumed her former conversation.

 “DON’T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME MILIAR!” Dee Four struck out to her left then to her right, both hits dropping an Attendant. As she pulled the sword back from the second hit she leaped into the air and spun around. Her great sword reduced down to the falchion. As Dee Four descended and planted the sword into the ground. Waves for fire flew out from her and burned the remaining Carnies causing that to drop to the floor screaming in pain unable to fight.

 “You will fight me Miliar, you and you alone!”

 “Oh do shut up child.” Remarked a woman who Dee Six had been conversing with, unlike other Carnies she was not wearing a mask.

 “And you are?” Asked Dee Four.

 “Oh you can call me Jennifer.”

 “Jennifer… I know that-- you’re the bitch who gave Miliar that circlet.”

 “Correct, I’m also the one that led her and the wretch ‘Cybernaught’ to Vanessa.” Dee Four gripped her sword a little tighter.

 “How, Miliar’s not susceptible to you mind powers, her minds not in phase with this dimension!”

 “Very true, but that what this is for.” Jennifer remarked, tapping Dee Six’s circlet. “its magic brings her mind into phase, as long as she wears it, she’s our little pet. Now what to do about you.”

 “There’s nothing you can do bitch! Magic mental protection courtesy of M.A.G.I. training!”

                Dee Four sprang forward and launched her Falchion at Dee Six’s head. Normally the Elf would have just dodged the blade but due to her domination at the hands of the Carnies She stepped back in fear but was hastily stopped by the wall. The curved blade struck the wall, the curve of the blade running down her head touching it, but not cutting her skin. Dee Four stepped on the wall next to her and sprang off it kicking Jennifer hard.

 “You impetuous little brat! How dare you touch me!” Jennifer remarked holding the side of her face. She stared at Dee Four with a piercing gaze. “I was going to kill you, but I think I’m in need of a new slave.”

 “Are you cracked? Your mind can’t touch mine.”

 “Not alone, but you see my dear. Any barrier will fall, if you pound on it enough.” From seemingly no where Dee Four found herself surrounded by Ring Mistresses. A sudden psychic shock to Dee Four’s mind sent her reeling and then to her knees holding her head. Her flame burned away as she moved all her concentration to trying to keep her mental barriers up.

 “Get out!” She remarked through gritted teeth. “I will not let you take my mind.”

 “Just relax and accept it dear, the more you struggle the more it will hurt.” Someone then tapped on Jennifer’s shoulder

 “Um, excuse me.” They said. Jennifer turned to see who it was only to be punched in the face by Dee Six. She fell to the ground causing the Ring Mistress’ to cease there assault on Dee Four to see what was happening.

 “What? How did you…”

                Jennifer looked to see the circlet was no longer on her head. It was now on the floor beneath the falchion that was in the wall, now in two pieces.

 “Asuka, get up!” Shouted Dee Six blasting one of the Ring Mistress’ with an energy pulse. Her mental barriers restructuring Dee Four stood up.

 Miliar…” Said Dee Four quietly, Jennifer growled.

 “Kill them, kill them both!” She shouted. The sword in the wall faded as a new one grew in Dee Four’s hand. She then struck down one of the Carnies surrounding her; the cut was deep but far from fatal. Dee Six blasted another enemy as Dee Four relinquished her blade grabbed another Carnie and flung them into one that was about to attack Dee Six. There was now only a couple of Ring Mistress’ able to fight. Jennifer rose to her feet and hit Dee Six with a psychic bolt which knocked her back.

 Miliar!” Using the distraction Jennifer picked up a knife from the floor and made a b-line for Dee Four. The knife slid easily into her back and a look of shock flooded her face.

 “You should take you own advise dear, and don’t turn your back on people.” Jennifer remarked. Dee Six sat up and looked at Dee Four to see Jennifer pull out the knife and Dee Four slumped to her knees.

 Shia si kyr! Asuka!” Dee Six stood up and ran over to the scene slugging Jennifer a second time on the face.

                Guarding Dee Four as she fell forward onto her stomach, Dee Six draw on her magic and stored it, concentrating hard.

 “Stop her!” Shouted Jennifer to the remaining Ring Mistress’ who had been unsure of what to do since seeing their comrade beaten so easily. They moved to attack to break Dee Six’s concentration but it was too late. Detonating the stored magic a power wave of magical energy fired out from Dee Six. The remaining two Ring Mistress’ were knocked flying, smashing into the nearby walls knocking them out. Jennifer was also hit but she wasn’t so lucky. She was knocked upward her back struck the railing on the ramp up to the balcony. A loud snap echoed throughout the room followed by a pain filled screech from Jennifer. She fell a short distance to the ground hitting it abruptly, passing out through pain. Dee Six, though severely weakened by unleashing so much stored energy, knelt down to check on Dee Four.

 “Asuka! Hold on.” Dee Six started to cast a large healing spell. A green aura surrounded Dee Four as she wounds began to mend themselves.

                After a short time the glow faded and Dee Four began to stir. She pushed herself up and back until she was kneeling. She looked at Dee Six slightly confused.

 “Welcome back.” Said Dee Six.

 Miliar…” Dee Four looked around. “You finished them off? What happened?”

 “Your not the only one was an ‘explosive’ nature Asuka.” Dee Four chuckled.

 “So you can’t move then.”

 “Not an inch.” Both women laughed but then Dee four fell silent.

 Miliar, what…”

 “Don’t worry, I didn’t start that fire, yes I let the Carnie in, and yes on some level I even enjoyed watching that place burn. Put I promise you, I haven’t committed any crimes, except for not stopping them. But I’ll still turn myself in to the PPD. But I’m sure they’ll be lenient.” Dee Six replied, interrupting Dee Four.

 “I really thought you had turned Miliar.” Dee Four remarked sadly as a single tear escaped from her sunglasses. She took them off and wiped her eyes.

 “I know, and you came after me. You showed that no matter what you can do the right thing.” Replied Dee Six putting her hand on Dee Four’s shoulder.

 “Thank you.”

 “Come on, I think I can just about walk now, let’s get out of here, we can call the police and explain everything to them.”


                Dee Four stood up and helped her redeemed friend to her feet. Taking the ramp up to the balcony they headed out of the warehouse.

 “By the way, nice outfit, but I thought all my suits burned up.”

 “It was meant to be a gift, you didn’t know about it so it managed to survive the fire long enough for me to rescue it.”

 “Clever girl.” Said Dee Six with a smile that Dee Four was glad to see.


A week later

                It had been quite a hectic week for the duo. Relocation to another apartment, through thankfully still in Bronze Way, Dee six while the circumstances behind her change were taken into consideration she was placed under house arrest for a fortnight and was half way through that time. This meant that it was up to Dee Four to buy everything for the new apartment with the insurance money.

                Exhausted Dee Four sat in a large chair; she kicked off her shoes revealing her aching feet and sighed.

 “What a day.” She remarked. “First Serge didn’t have what I needed so I had to go to the Icon in IP, while there this group of Tsoo did nothing but hassle me so I had to deal with them. Then I had to go that store in TalosMiliar next time, you can do the shopping and I’ll get put under house arrest.” Dee Six laughed as she walked over to Dee Four and handed her a cup of tea. “Thank you.”

 “So did you hear what happened to the Jennifer?”

 “No, I’ve been to busy to hear anything.”

 “Turns out when the blast knocked her against the railing it broke her back, docs say she’ll never walk again.”

 “Ouch, I doubt Vanessa Devore would want her now.”

 “Yeah, seems she’ll have to find another person to be her little pet.” Said Dee Six.

 “I’m just happy it’s not you Miliar.”

 “Me too.”


--End Entry--