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Chronicles of the Die Force

Chronicles of the Die Force – Issue 2: Critical Failure

            Dee Four glared at the Carnie Attendants that surrounded her. Cybernaught’s claim that Dee Six had betrayed and attacked him was fresh in her mind and she was very frustrated. Now though, she had someone to take this frustration out on.

 “I’m going to enjoy this so much.” Dee Four remarked, a flaming falchion growing into existence in her right hand. A single Carnie charged at Dee Four, she dodged and drove the hilt of her sword into the back of the Carnies neck knocking her unconscious.

 “You wanna fight me now? Fine!”

                Dee Four leaped forward and knocked a Carnie to the floor with a flaming fist. She turned and struck out with her falchion hitting another attendant sending her to the floor with a deep cut along her arms and chest. Dee Four stormed forward grabbed another attendant by the mask she continued forward before dropping to one knee and ploughing the Carnies head into the rooftop. Several more Carnies dropped from the sky out of nowhere and quickly started to pile on Dee Four in an attempt to subdue her. Despite some of the Carnies getting briefly burned soon there was not enough air holes to fuel Dee Fours flames and they burned out. More Carnies piled on the Dee Four the weight forcing her to one knee. She tensed her body and strengthened her resolve; she was not going to fall. She wanted to know the truth about Dee Six and she was not going to let these Carnies defeat her.

                Her sunglasses started to crack as flickering flames sparked from her eyes. Suddenly they broke and fell from her face as white flames flared from her eyes. The citizens of Paragon City around the building suddenly looked up and a massive blast of white flame erupted from the top of the building.


Several Months Earlier:

                Terra Volta, in a warehouse on the east side, Dee Six along with three other heroes where rescuing several people from a Freakshow ‘recruiting drive’. In an attempt to increase their numbers were kidnapping the offspring of current Freakshow members. The group had just rescued a scared Japanese girl in her late teens. Dee Six was about to follow her allies as they ran off to fight more Freakshow, when she stopped. She looked at the girl strangely as she ran over to Dee Six.

 “Thank you, I was so scared.” The girl remarked. Dee Six could sense something within her, an untapped magical spark.

 “You’re magical?” She remarked.

 “Excuse me?” Though still scared the girl was now also confused.

 “I can sense magic in you, untapped and wild. Given the right training you could harness that magic.”

 “Really, are you sure?”

 “Yes, what is your name?” Dee Six asked.

 “Asuka, Asuka Mokoana.” The girl replied.

 “Asuka huh? Well Asuka, if you’d like I can teach you to tap into that spark. You could be strong, you could defend yourself again people like the Freakshow. You could help others, be a hero.”

 “A hero?” Asuka looked away as she thought. “I’ve always wanted to be hero, ever since I was a little girl in the orphanage. I became a reporter to help heroes, to make Paragon City a better place.”

                Asuka looked at Dee Six again; her eyes now sparkled with hope. Despite still being in a Freakshow run warehouse she was not longer afraid, she was excited.

 “Are you sure you could teach me to use magic, and that I could be a hero.”

 “If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, then so am I.”

 “Okay, I’ll do it.” Asuka remarked eagerly.

 “Excellent, okay wait at the entrance until I’m finished here then I’ll take you to M.A.G.I. They’ll help us with the fundamentals.”

 “Okay… umm…”

 “Dee Six, but outside of heroics you can call me Miliar.”


Present Day:

                Dee Four stood encompassed by a pure white flame, and surrounded by a severely scorched rooftop. Her clothes were torn and tattered barely wearable only just keeping Dee Four’s dignity. Of the large number of Carnies that had once piled on top of her only a handful remained.

 “Attack me today, as this point in time, the way I FEEL! IDIOTS!” A large flaming great sword grew into Dee Four’s hands as she ran forward. She leaped into the air and rose the sword above her head.

 “Let’s get out of here!” Remarked one of the attendants.

 “You said it!”

                The remaining Carnies cleared out one barely dodging the sword as it was brought down and embedded in the roof. Dee Four looked around as they ran.

 “COWARDS!” She screamed. Her fire burned away to nothing as exhausted from the explosion she slump to one knee. “Miliar… where are you…” She remarked quietly. She fell forward onto her face and passed out.


Several Months Earlier:

                Atlas City, Dee Six and Asuka arrived at the M.A.G.I. branch located in the town hall. Azuria greeted Dee Six with a smile.

 Dee, how are you doing today?” She asked.

 “I’m good, thanks for asking. You?”

 “Same as always, so what brings you here?” Dee Six gestured towards the very timid looking Asuka.

 “I was saving some people for some Freakshow with some friends when I came across this girl. Her names Asuka.”

 “Hello Asuka.”


 “Can you sense it? The untapped spark?” Asked Dee Six.

 “Indeed, it’s quite powerful too.”

 “I said I’d help her develop the spark, teach her how to use it. But I can’t unlock it so I’ve come to ask the help of the M.A.G.I.” Dee Six explained.

 “So do you just want the spark unlocked?”

 “A basic training ground would be nice too; I don’t want to subject Asuka here to Paragon City unprepared.”

 Ahh, very well, follow me.”

                Azuria led the two to a cove in the back of the room. Positioned here like museum displays where five highly magical artefacts. Though it seemed that these items were merely displays they were far more.

 “Asuka, this is where your training begins, are you ready?” Asked Dee Six looking at her seriously.

 “Yes, I’m ready!” She replied after taking a deep thought filled breath. Dee Six looked at Azuria and nodded. Azuria fully turned to the artefact and started to incant a spell in an arcane tongue thought to be long forgotten. Green Lightning started to past between the artefacts, the spell drawing on their magical energies. Soon the lightning gathers and in the middle of the five treasure display now stood a swirling green portal, stabilised by the five treasures around it anchoring it to this plain.

 “Wow, cool!” Remarked Asuka her eye wide with awe.

 “Come on.” Dee Six stepped forward and walked fearlessly into the portal.

 “You next Asuka, you have nothing to fear.” Asuka shock off her awe and nodded. Though nervous at the aspect of stepping into the unknown she knew that from this point onwards, that would be what she would be doing, stepping into the unknown. She took a deep breath and with her heart pounding in her chest, almost without her command her body moved forward and entered the portal.


Present Day:

                Dee Four groaned as she came too. She stood up holding a painful graze on the left side of her stomach, obtained during the pile on instigated by the Carnies. She looked around seeing that her location hadn’t changed. She staggered to the edge of the rooftop and climbed down the fire escape to the ground. Injured and weak Dee Four staggered along the street. There was soon a panicked feel to the street. Dee Four rounded a corner and looked at her home, only to see it a blaze. The apartment block for her apartment up was on fire. Standing at the entrance of the building, laughing, with a Carnie guard, was Dee Six. Dee Four’s legs wobbled before she dropped to her knees in shock. She painfully pulled herself to her knees and with her last ounce of strength called forth her great sword.

 DEE!” She screamed at the top of her voice. She started to run forward dragging the sword behind her.

                Dee Six turned around and looked at her young side-kick. With all her might and momentum Dee Four swung and sword over her head. It struck to ground just in front of where Dee Six formerly stood. Dee Four looked up and the now flying elf.

 “Why?” She asked. Before the sword burn away and Dee Four collapsed onto her knees.

 “Asuka, it’s a shame you choose to be resistant. If you had just allowed the group send after you to bring you to me you would know the freedom I feel right now. But alas, now it’s too late. Finish her off.” Said Dee Six calmly and sinisterly before flying away, leaving Dee Four at the mercy of the Carnie guard that had accompanied the elf.

                She had neither the strength nor desire to fight the Carnies surrounding her. She lowered her head as a tear dropped onto the floor in front of her.

 “Why?” The Carnies advanced on the weakened Dee Four.


Several Months Earlier:

                After a month of intensive and exhausting magical train Dee Six and Asuka emerge from a newly formed portal in the small branch of M.A.G.I. in Atlas City Town Hall. Dressed in a pink tube top, a dark red long sleeved vest jacket with black trim and black lines down the top of the sleeves. A pair of shorts with the same colour and trim as the jacket and black thigh high boots with a flame pattern down the outside leg of both boot. Finally she wore a pair of sleek sunglasses they were black on the top and faded to a deep red on the bottom.

 “So you’re finally ready for the field huh Asuka.” Asked Azuria as the hero in training appeared from the portal.

 Miliar seems to think so.”

 “You’ve learned everything I can teach you through normal training, the rest is all field work.”

 “I see, well then, why don’t you two hit the streets, the Hellions have been acting up lately and we need to calm them down.” Said Azuria.

 “Perfect, come on Asuka… sorry, Dee Four.” Asuka smiled and nodded, taking her first step into Paragon, as a hero.