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Chronicles of the Die Force

Chronicles of the Die Force – Issue 1: Rolling Intuitive

            The silence of a large apartment in a high rise in Bronze Way, Steel Canyon was interrupted when the front door opened and the die force entered the apartment led by Dee Six.

 “Well that some more scum off the streets.” Remarked Six as he took off her robe revealing a tight white body-suit with red starburst patterns around her neck and just above her knees. A pair of red knee high stiletto boots with white magic symbols on her legs continued the red from the knee pattern. She also had on a pair of elbow length white gloves with red magic symbols down them. Removing the cloak also revealed Dee Six’s pointed ears. She sat down in a large relaxing chair and sighed.

 “Hey Asuka, how about you make something to drink?” She asked, looking at Dee Four.

                Dee Four removed her shades revealing her blue eyes and Japanese descent. She smiled and nodded before walking over to the kitchen area of the apartment, situated just left of the door. As she relaxed Dee Six looked at her hand and pink lightning crackled across her fingers.

 “Did you read the paper this morning?” Asked Asuka as she filled the kettle with water from the sink faucet. “Some of those Peacebringer’s turned renegade, ha! I knew they couldn’t be trusted.”

 “Asuka, have you even thought about what I said? Why don’t you give them a chance? These Kheldian’s might actually be trying to protect the planet and the renegades might have just been a bunch of fanatics.”

 “Yeah right! Paragon barely survived the Rikti war, I’m not about to let these new alien’s silently infiltrate the city. They’re up to something, I know it.” The Japanese girl remarked with slight anger.

 “Okay okay, let’s just chance the subject.”

 “Fine.” Asuka sighed and relaxed as she placed the kettle on its base and turned it on. “Have you heard from Deten?”

 “Oh yeah.” Dee Six sat up. “I forgot, I got a letter from him this morning, he’s doing well. He says things are different in Miami than here but he’s adjusting. He says hello.”

 “I miss him, but I guess I can’t blame him for wanting a new start after getting his memories back.”

 “Don’t worry; he said he’ll visit when he’s got some time.”

                Just then the phone started to ring; Dee Six picked up the receiver and put it to her ear. She said hello before pausing as the person in the other end introduced themselves.

 “Oh hi Cy, how you been.”

 “I’ve been good, look I was just dealing with some Freaks when my contacts called me; they’ve got a hot tip about the Carnival of Shadow’s.”

 “The Carnival? Cybernaught are you sure you want to follow up on that lead? Remember what happened last time.”

 “It’s one of Vanessa Devore’s main lieutenants, Dee this is one chance we can’t pass up.”

 “But just us two?”

 “I’ve called some others, they’ll try and get there, but we have to move fast.”

 “Okay okay, I’ll grab that power enhancing circlet I got the other day, it should help us a little.”

 “Great, meet me and the Steel Canyon Green Line in ten minutes.”

 “I’ll be there.”

                Dee Six put the phone down and stood up. She looked at Asuka who guest what was happening form the half of the conversation she heard.

 “I guess the tea will have to wait until I get back.” See remarked, briefly vanishing into her room and reappearing adjusting a newly acquired slim circlet on her head.

 “Be careful Miliar, remember the Carnival of Shadow’s are tough, and I’m not all too sure about that circlet either.”

 “Don’t worry Asuka, it’ll be okay, I’ll be back later.”


                As arranged Dee Six met up with Cybernaught at the Green Line Rail Station in the North-Eastern quadrant of Steel Canyon, Cybernaught was a man only slightly shorter than Dee Six, he wore a fully body encompassing yellow and black armoured battle suit.

 “So where are we going exactly?” Asked Dee Six.

 “It’s a small area just outside of Kings Row.”

 “Kings? Then shouldn’t we take the Yellow Line?”

 “No, this route’s cheaper, and puts us closer to where we need to be.” Cybernaught replied.

 “I see. Well then, let’s go.”

                A few minutes later and Cybernaught and Dee Six arrived at an almost deserted part of Paragon City. The place was not normally deserted, which meant that something was wrong. Cybernaught’s body quickly became encased in stone as he created a shield of rock around himself.

 “I really don’t like this.” Dee Six remarked.

 “This place should be full of life; I don’t think we can wait for the others Dee. We have to go, now.” Said Cybernaught seriously.

 “Agreed, I’ve got your back Cy.”

 “Like always.”

                The deserted nature of the area meant that it didn’t take long to locate the source of the trouble. In a small grass field stood a huge, big top tent. The entrance to which was guarded by two women in flamboyant carnival clothing and the trademark magic masks of the Carnival of Shadows. Hiding behind a building looking at the entrance Cybernaught and Dee Six started to formulate a plan.

 “We could just attack head on.” Suggested Cybernaught.

 “I’m not a big fan of hospital food.” Replied Dee Six.

 “Me neither.”

 “Wait here I’ll scout the area.” Dee Six faded into almost complete invisibility before she left her position.

                Dee Six quickly moved to the back of the tent and passed through a tarp like it did not exist. In side the seats were packed, almost every resident in the area was in the tent and they were guarded by a good number of the Carnival of Shadows but as Dee Six looked at the guards she identified most of them as illusions. She quickly withdrew and returned to Cybernaught, fading back into phase once she was safe.


 “There’s a lot, I counted only twenty Carnies, but over one hundred illusions.”

 “This is gonna be very tough!” Remarked Cybernaught.

 “The rear is barely guarded; if we tear the tarp and enter there we should easily catch them by surprise.”

 “Good idea.”

                Sneaking around building and through back alleys the team got to the back of the tent unnoticed. Creating a spark of energy on her finger Dee Six ran the spark slowly down the tarp slicing a hole in tent creating a new entrance. The two then silently snuck into the tent, Cybernaught dropping his stone shield so it did not attract attention. The two took refuse in the shadows.

 “You weren’t wrong.”

 “Yeah, Cy if you deal with those illusionists first that will cut down there numbers greatly. I’ll back you up like normal, but be careful… I don’t know, something doesn’t feel right.”

 “Don’t worry we’ll…” Dee Six closed here eyes and shock her head before rubbing her forehead.

 “Are you okay?” Returning to normal Dee Six looked at her friend.

 “Yeah I’m fine, just a headache that all. Dee Four and I fought a large number of Tsoo this morning, I’m good to go don’t worry.”

 “Okay, but if it gets bad pull back.” Said Cybernaught.

 “No problem, let’s get this party started.”


                Cybernaught’s stone shield exploded into existence around him as he sprang from his hiding place. He made a quick b-line for one of four illusionists striking her with a stone covered fist. The female instantly dropped to the ground and a quarter of the illusions that made up the numbers faded into nothing. A bronze strong man started toward the hero but an energy blast from the now revealed Dee Six knocked him back and to the ground.

 “Well well, Cybernaught, I wondered how long you would be.” Remarked a voice halting Cybernaught before he could choose his next target.

                From the crowd of Carnies a woman emerged. Though she was dressed similar to the other carnies there was something more majestic about the way she dressed.

 “Vanessa Devore!” Stated Cybernaught, shocked.

 “If I had known you would have taken so long I would have said that we were only going to be here a short time.”

 “A trap!”

 “And you fell right into it!”

 Dee get ready!” Said Cybernaught loudly.

 “Goodbye Cybernaught.” Remarked Vanessa.

 “You’re… AGH!”

                Cybernaught was suddenly struck by a large energy blast that sent him straight to the floor. Severely dazed and hurt Cybernaught looked up to see Dee Six walk past him and stand next to Vanessa.

 “D, Dee…” Dee Six’s eyes where now completely black.

 “Dee Six now works for me Cybernaught.” With Cybernaught’s last ounce of strength he activated his personal medical teleporter, and vanished in a flash of light.

                Steel Canyon medical centre, Dee Four descended from the sky ending a super-human jump. She landed directly in front of the centres doors, and quickly entered. She headed straight for Cybernaught’s bedside.

 “Cy!” She shouted upon arriving.

 “Four? What are you doing here?” He said, speaking quietly.

 “I got a call from one of my contacts telling me you where is here. Who did this and where’s Dee Six?”

 “Four… it was Dee Six that did this… she, turned on me.”

 “No, that’s impossible!” Said Dee Four loudly.

 “I wish it was, but I’m telling the truth. She’s working for the Carnival of Shadows now.”

 “YOU LIE!” Dee Four pushed herself away from Cybernaught’s bed and stormed out the hospital.

                Her mentor a traitor? Could it really be true? Dee Four could not believe that someone who had saved her life, on more than one occasion, could be a villain. Using her super-human jump ability Dee Four took off into the sky and landed atop a medium sized building. She looked down over Steel Canyon.

 “It can’t be, Miliar would never turn on us.”

 “So here you are.” A number of Carnies dropped down from a slightly taller building behind Dee Four and surrounded the young heroine. “We thought you might go to visit your friend.”

 “Carnies? Well, it seems that I’ll get to beat some answers out of you.” Remarked Dee Four, preparing to fight.