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Name: Miliar Salander

Age: ????

Archetype: Defender

Origin: Magic

Prim/Sec: Empathy/Energy

Biography: Miliar was little more than an Elven cleric, adventuring around the Sword Coast . Although she had gone on many adventures she found her life unfulfilling.

That is, until one day, without warning, someone or something ripped a hole to the dimensional fabric and she was sucked into a dimensional portal.

Miliar found herself in what appeared to be a shop, the wall were covered in shelves of book, dolls and other strange objects.

Finding the store empty and the doors locks she resigned herself to wait and started to read the books.

Among the hundreds of book there was a series of books that she found herself drawn to. Upon reading them Miliar became shocked. These book described, in detail, her world perfectly. Towns, creatures, people, spells, gods, rituals, everything. But all the time refering to them as mere parts in a game of imagination were actions were determined success by the rolling of a number of dice or 'die'.

The truth hit her hard, her life, her entire existance, was merely a figment of someones imagination using these books.

Not believing the truth, Miliar broke out of the shop, smashing the front door. She found herself in a large city where buildings of glass and stone reached up and touched the sky like fingers.

He disblief and awe was cut short however as she spoted a magic in very strange clothing fighting a light group of very bizarre machines.

Miliar headed to help the man, This act revealed something very surprising. Miliar now seemed to wield new powers, magically granted powers at that. She could launch bolts of energy more powerful than anything she had been able to do before. Her healing abilities had increase ten fold, as had her support skills. The strangest thing however, is that now she could move out of phase with the world and completely defy to laws of gravity and fly.

After aiding the man to victory he turn to her and asked her the name of the heroine who helped him.

"I'm no heroine." She replied. "Just a cleric lost in a strange world."

Since her skills were so obviously magic orientated the man took Miliar to the M.A.G.I. They spent almost a full week teaching Miliar about this world and Paragon City while she got used to her new powers.

Without knowing what force brought Miliar to this world she was stuck, this meant little to her however, this could prove to be her greatest adventure ever.

Seven days after arriving Miliar stepped out of Paragon City Hall , no longer Miliar the Elven cleric. But Dee Six, hero, security level 1.