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Name: Asuka Mokoana

Age: 18

Archetype: Tanker

Origin: Magic

Prim/Sec: Fire/Fire

Biography: Asuka was an orphan, but a happy one. She lived her life as best she could and was happily working for the Paragon City Times as an intern.

Until one day, her biological parents decided to pay her a visit. This was not a good thing however as her parents, were member of the notorious Freakshow.

The Freakshow had intended the increase there ranks by using the offspring of there own number. Asuka was kidnapped along with several others and taken to Terra Volta.

Fortunitly, in Paragon City , you cannot kidnap a number of people without drawing the attention of one or more heroes.

Four heroes burst into the warehouse where Asuka and the others were being held. A pitched battle followed, and when the smoke cleared, all the Freakshow had been defeated and the hostages were freed.

As Asuka thanked the heroes Dee Six could sense something within the girl. a deep rooted seed of magic the could be nutured. Dee Six took Asuka to one side and told her about this latant power. She said that she could help bring forth the power and the Asuka could become a hero in her own right.

Asuka eagrly accepted the offer, barely thinking about it. She had always wanted to be a hero, and she was not going to pass up the chance.

Dee Six took Asuka to the M.A.G.I where she was trained intensively. Soon the magic within Asuka spewed forth giving her command over fire, but only on and around her person. The magic also increased her strength and her defence, thanks to her powers Asuka was then granted hero security level 1

Though she now had the powers, she was still inexperienced. Dee Six offered to teach Asuka until she was ready. Asuka again accepted.

Dee Six give her new side-kick the name of Dee Four before the two headed out into Paragon City .