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Name: Jan Kor

Age: 25

Archetype: Peacebringer

Origin: Natural

Prim/Sec: N/A

Biography: Kheldian's, energy beings from beyond the stars. When a Kheldian's merges with a willing human host, they become Peacebringer's.

For several months the Die Force had caused many problems for many different groups of villains.

Fianlly, in an attempt to stop the Die Force once and for all, the Freakshow, the Tsoo, and the Council formed a temporary alliance.

They formed a plan: The Tsoo and Freakshow would fake a gang war, the council would make sure information about the war would reach Dee Six, they would lure the Die Force into a warehouse and overwhelm them.

The plan was then executed. One of Dee Six's contact informed her of a gang war in an old warehouse in Talos Island . Dee Six led Dee Four and Dee Eight into the warehouse to stanch the fighting.

Soon the Die Force was surrounded by hopeless numbers of Council, Freakshow, and Tsoo. There was no way the three could fight so many and survive.

Suddenly for the back of the Council forces there was a cry.
"A Peacebringer! Where are the Void Seeker's!"
"We have no Void Seeker's; we didn't think we'd need them!"

Seeing there chance the Die Force powered into the panicked Council soldiers and escaped. Once the Die Force and the Peacebringer that had helped them were safe Dee Six turned to thank the hero.
"Thanks for the help, we could have been killed in there." Said Dee Six.
"No problem, I was investigating a Council base when I came across some plans to ambush you dated today, I thought you could use the help." The Peacebringer replied.
"Yeah we did." Said Dee Eight.
"Your help was very welcome." Reiterated Dee Six.
"Hey Dee Six, why don't you invite her onto the team, we could use someone like her." Stated Dee Eight.
"She's hardly going to accept a blind invite like that." Dee Six Replied.
"Actually, I've been looking for a team, there's only so much I can do alone."
"Really? Well then, you're welcome to join us."

Taking the name of Dee Twenty, Jan joined the Die Force as the forth member.