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Name: Deten

Age: N/A

Archetype: Warshade

Origin: Science

Prim/Sec: N/A

Biography: Deten in fact used to be the third member of the Die Force. He was found by Dee Six and Dee Four as they were clearing out a sewer of the infamous Lost. He used a Magic Sword that granted him his powers. But, due to experiments carried out by the Lost he had no memories.

He joined the Die Force and fought against the Lost, eventually defeating a faction of them and regaining his memories.

After that he decided the leave the Die Force and Paragon City to make a new life for himself.

Miami : Florida . Deten had discovered an enclave of council soldiers and was clearing it out we suddenly re-enforcements arrived and Deten was quickly overwhelmed. His magic sword was smashed and without his powers, he soon fell to the Council's attack.

Deten woke up in a dank cell with a splitting headache. He was not alone in the cell however. In the cell with him was a dying Council soldier.

The soldier explained that he was in fact a Nictus, the sworn enemies of the Peacebringer's. He however had seen the error of his ways and tried to fight against the Council, he failed and his current host was not far from death.

The Nictus offered Deten a chance to escape and after weighing up his options decided that any chance of escape was better than nothing.

The two merged and after a couple of minutes to adjust Deten used his new powers to teleport away from the Council base.

Deten then found himself back in Paragon City, standing in front of the Warshade heroine: Shadowstar.

She explained to Deten the he was now a Warshade, the Nictus he had merged with had turned from the path of evil and that it was willing to help fight for justice.

After a brief orientation Deten had one more place to go before returning to his heroic duties.

He returned to Dee Six and asked if he could rejoin the Die Force. Dee Six told him he could and once again gave him the name of Dee Ten.

Dee Ten could now help the Die Force with new and better powers, although his security level was reset to level 1.