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Name: Cybernaught II

Real Name: Calab Scott

Age: 20

Archetype: Tanker

Origin: Technology

Prim/Sec: Stone/Stone

Biography: Son of the hero Cybernaught, Calab had grown up with the responsiblilty of being the son of a hero. While the natural skill with machines had not past down from father and son Calab had always looked up to his father.

Then it happened, while on a mission against the Sky Raider's, Cybernaught was in a horrific accident. a five story building was brought down on top of him. He managed to survive but in the process her lost his legs.

He tried to continue his heroic duties with a pair of prothsetic legs but they could not take the strain that the armoured suit placed them under.

Forced to retires Calab's father fell into depression. After much consideration Calab deside that he would don the suit and taken over his fathers heroic work. His father could stick to the engineering side of the armour while Calab would do the hero side.

Cybernaught II was born, using microscopic nanite's to control earth and stone, controlled by a neural intrface within the suit. Cybernaught II patrols the streets of Paragon City, protecting it from those who would destroy the City of Heroes.

Name: Heaven's Wing

Real Name: Rachel (last name unknown)

Age: N/A

Archetype: Blaster

Origin: Science

Prim/Sec: Energy/Energy

Biography: Comming Soon