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Hi, my name is Crystal I live in Middle Tn with my husband Phillip and son Cameron, where we have our horses and I teach horse back riding lessons. I grew up training Quarter Horses and TN Walking Horses. Then about 3 years ago I got into working with Paso Finos. I have been riding horses for 14 years and training them for about 9 years now. It is my lifes work and I wouldn't be happy doing anything else. I use only natural horsemanship in training horses. As I believe that is the only way it should be done.

We curently own a Paso Fino, a Quarter Horse, and 2 Spotted Saddle Horses. We mainly have them just for pleasure, trail riding, and for giving lessons on. We are not into breeding or into any specific breed. We just buy quality horses that anyone can ride and enjoy. We love all of our horses and they are all a part of our family. All of our horses have wonderful dispositions and are very people oriented. They make great family horses for even the kids to ride.

We currently only have one for sale right now, but keep checking back with us, because that can always change. Sometimes if I find a good one, I will buy it and train it and sell it. If we don't have any for sale, or not the one you are looking for, I do help people find that perfect horse they are looking for. I also do corrective training with Natural Horsemanship. So if you have any questions feel free to call or email.