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Who doesn't like the sweet, cute, hot tempered hanyou known as Inuyasha? Probably a lot of people but then there's also a lot of people who love him too...and...i'm one of the people that does mwahahhaa. I got hooked on Inuyasha from the first ep, it was too much fun not to lol. On this page I'll be talking about my fave Inu pairings, be warned though...i like some that aren't that popular...but cute nonetheless (ha my opinion of course ~_^). First up...the one everyone loves...or should ~_^


Inuyasha and Kagome

Aww this picture is soooo cute ;_; and they look so sweet together. i really don't understand why there's people who don't see the chemistry these too have, it's obvious in the anime and manga. Anyway...

Story- Inuyasha is of course a half demon living in another era. He fell in love with a priestess named Kikyou but then they both got followed into betraying each other by a demon named Naraku. Naraku made them believe that they had betrayed each other making them kill each other, Narkaku looking as Inuyasha gave Kikyou a fatal wound on her shoulder. With the strength she still possessed Kikyou shot a sacred arrow at Inuyahsa trapping him in a tree. Kikyou died seconds later after trapping Inuyasha, her last request was that the scared jewel, which is a jewel of great power that can grant you a wish and is the reason Nararku made Inu and Kik betray each other, be burned along with her.

So the jewel was burned with kikyou's body, and now Kagome comes in. Kagome is a normal girl from the present. she found herself in Inuyahsa's world when a demon pulled her through the well on her family shrine on her 15 birthday. The demon went after her cause she felt the jewel was nearby and it was, the demon is inside Kagome without her knowing. She wanders off wondering where she is for a while and comes upon the big tree that's on her shrine, but she also finds a teenage boy with silver hair and doggy ears pinned to the try. Curiosity gets the best of her as she goes over to him, not being bale to hold back she rubs his ears (lol...funny part). After she lets go she gets attacked by the villagers who were worried since they saw her near Inuyasha. Kagome is taken to their village and there she speaks with Keade, Kikyou's younger sister who's now an old women since 50 years have gone by in Inuyasha's time since he got shot with the arrow. Keade notices that Kagome looks a lot like Kikyou and later she concludes that Kagome is Kikyou's reincarnation since the jewel was inside Kagome's body.

Later on at night the demon that pulled kagome into the well comes back and Kagome goes running into the forest towards the tree where Inuyasha is pinned, her presence wakes him and when he sees her he calls her Kikyou and asks why she doesn't just kill the demon like she killed him. Kagome ge's agiated since he called her Kikyou and tells him her name was 'Kagome', he doesn't believe her until she gets close enough to him where he can smell her scent. After that happens the demon attacks Kagome and pins her to the tree on top of Inuyasha, before she did that though the demon attacked Kagome and cut her making the jewel come out of Kagome's body. Inuyausha who still pinned to the tree because of the scared arrow asks Kagome if she can take it out. Kagome hesitates since Keade is telling her not to. Inuyahsa tells her that he'll kill the demon if she lets him free, but if she didn't she'd die. Kagome then frees' him deciding she wanted to live, Inuyasha kills the demons but then goes after Kagome because he wants the jewel. Kagome runs away with keade close behind Inuyasha who's going after her, then Keade tells Kagome to say the magic word that would stop Inuyasha. Kagome didn't know what it was and Inuyasha was about to get the Jewel making Kagome say the first word that popped ito her head at the time, 'Sit'. Inuyahsa falls into the river becasue he was on a bridge and the jewel along with Kagome is save.

Not knowing how to get back home Kagome stays' in the era and Inuyasha stay's in the village because he wants the jewel. They weren't on very good terms, Kagome wanders off into the forest thinking only to get kidnapped by people who wanted the jewel, Inuyasha has to go and rescue her. Inuyasha fought with the main guy to find that he was a demon in disguise, the demon crow was using a dead man's body and when he was discovered he fled...WITH THE JEWEL! Kagome and Inuyasha go after it, after having a brief battle and tearing the crow apart, the crow demon began to piece himself back together thanks to the power of the sacred jewel. Kagome watching this decided that the way to kill the demon and get the scared was to grab a piece from the bird that was cut by Inuyasha, knowing that the demons foot would go back to the crows body the arrow the crows foot was tied on would definitely hit. Kagome went along with her plan and it worked...sorta. The crows foot was attracted to the jewel and the arrow headed straight for it when Kagome shot it, when it hit the jewel of four souls broke into small shards that flew out in every direction in the sky. Inuyahsa wasn't happy and wanted to look for the jewel shards but he didn't know where they were, Kagome is the only person (other than kikyou) that can feel the shards. So keade told them that the only way to find the jewels was by working together, and that's how the journey started. Kagome soon found that going through the well she could go back home, she went home but came back to the feudal era too look for the shards, over time Inuyasha's cold heart that didn't know how to trust was melted bt the girl from the different era. He learned how to trust and along the journey they would be getting close and making new friends...

Inuyasha - He's a half-demon, half-human boy who lives in the feudal Japan era. He was sealed to a tree for 50 years by the girl he love. He wanted the Shikon Jewel, to make him a full demon, to increase his powers. InuYasha has three forms, they are his half-demon, human, and full demon. Every month on a new moon, InuYasha becomes a full human and loses his demonic powers for that night.  And when InuYasha loses hold of his sword the Tetsusiga, his soul becomes devoured by his demon blood making him turn into a full fledge demon. If this happens to often Inuyasha will kill his other sides and become a full demon that only knows how to kill and doesn't even recognize himself. He goes off looking for the jewel and Naraku for revenge...

Kagome - Kagome is an average 15 year old girl living in the modern day world. She needed up being forced into Inuyasha's era on her 15 birthday by a centipede demon lady pulled Kagome. Only Kagome and her family knows about Kagome's trip to the feudal era of Japan through the well. Kagome learned that she had the Shikon Jewel inside of her body when it was forced out by the centipede demon and that she was the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo. Kagome accidentally breaks the jewel into many shards making her and InuYasha go looking to recover the shards.

I think these to are so perfect together because Kagome was the one that really made Inuyasha happy again, awww lol. They're soo cute together and there's enough evidence that proves they DO belong together. They both care about each other so I just really like these two together and they're just to freaken sweet ~_^ but if you don't believe me might as well give evidence and cute moments from the anime! ^_^ I'm not gonna do every singel episode though cause that would just be way to long lol.


Anime Hints and Quotes

Those are so far my favorite hints from the episodes, i'll add more when i see other that i love. I probably missed some cause there's a clue in almost every episode. But Anyhoo hope you liked me writing down all my favorites lol ~_^ now on to Movies hints....


*Love Which Transcends time*

Kagome is put under an evil spell that makes her turn against Inuyasha and repeat the whole Inuyasha/Kikyou thing. Kagome under the spell shoots and arrow at Inuyasha pinning him t a tree, Kikyou appears and sends Kagome back to her own time since the well is going to be sealed up by the bad guy "Menomaru". When Kagome is in her own time she feels really bad about what she did to Inuyasha and that fact that she will never see him again. While she's moping though she goes to the God Tree and she can feel Inuyasha through it and they talk. He makes her feel better and tells her to come back after she explains everything that's happened. Kagome comes back to the feudal time and they all defeat Menomaru. The movie ends with kagome sitting Inuyasha cause he insults her cooking.

Inuyasha: [See's someone in priestess clothes coming toward him through the mist] Is that Kikyo?
[Kagome, who's body is being controlled by a spell, comes into view]
Inuyasha: Huh? Kagome!
[He runs toward her]
Inuyasha: Kagome! There you are!
Kagome: [Thinking, unable to control her body] Inuyasha! Get away from me! Please!
Inuyasha: I'm glad your not hurt. You look kind of pale Kagome. Go back to Keade's house and get yourself some rest.
[Kagome steps closer to him and puts her head on his shoulder]
Inuyasha: Huh? Ka. . Kagome?
[He puts his arms around her and hugs her]
Inuyasha: Sorry I couldn't get to you sooner.

Inuyasha... get away... please! I have... no control... over my body!
[Begins to reach for an arrow laying on the ground]
Kagome: I can't... stop! Run, before it's to late... before I. . .
Inuyasha: That's enough! I don't want to hear it! I'm sick of you and everyone else telling me to run. I'm not running! Not without you! I won't leave you behind!

Kagome: [Thinking as a spell controls her body] Inuyasha! No!
[She draws back an arrow]
Kagome: No! No!
[Tears begin to leak from her eyes. The arrow is released]
Kagome: NO!
Inuyasha: Kagome...
[the arrow hits him and his vision goes black]
Kagome: [Her eyes change back to normal. She is breaking through the spell] Inuyasha! INUYASHA!
[Tears fall from her eyes, and the jewel shard that was controlling her pops out of her forehead. The bow and arrow disappear, and Inuyasha slumps to the ground at the base of the tree. Kagome runs to him]
Kagome: Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha, say something, open your eyes!
[She pulls Inuyasha to her and cradles his limp body against her chest, burying her face in his hair]
Kagome: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Kagome: [Kagome is stuck on her side of the well, while Inuyasha is injured on his side. She touches the God Tree]
Inuyasha: I can feel him. I can feel Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Kagome? Is that you?
Kagome: [Gasps] Inuyasha? How are you? Are you okay?
Inuyasha: Don't worry. This is nothing. I'm kinda surprised your not here.
Kagome: I came back.
Inuyasha: Got scared, did ya?
Kagome: No! I just...
[Remembers that it was her who shot Inuyasha]
Inuyasha: You what?
Kagome: [Shakes her head] Never mind. You're right. Maybe I ran away.
Inuyasha: [Laughs] Stupid. You never change.
Kagome: What do you mean 'stupid'?
[Inuyasha suddenly appears, slumped at the bottom of the God Tree where Kagome left him]
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: [Looks up and sees her] Hey, you are here Kagome. So, what have you been worrying about?
Kagome: I just feel so worthless. I even ended up hurting you Inuyasha. I thought you'd be better off without me around.
Inuyasha: Would you stop going on like that?
[Gets to his feet, then staggers]
Kagome: Inuyasha!
[She runs to him and keeps him from falling]
Kagome: Don't move, you'll open your wounds.
Inuyasha: [He grips her arms, then pulls her forward against his chest, hugging her] I need you with me Kagome. Haven't you realized that yet?
Kagome: [Hides her face in his shoulder] Thank you.
[Suddenly, she is alone in her own time again]
Kagome: Inuyasha?
Inuyasha: Come on back Kagome.


*The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass *

I haven't seen this movie yet but like all Inuyasha fans I do know that this is where Inuyasha and Kagome first Kiss. from what I've been told it seems that in order to get Inuyasha back to his half demon form because he has turned into a full demon, Kagome kissed him. She thought that might make him turn back and it did, when he snapped back to himself Inuyasha returned the kiss and then held her close. (See the first inu/kag pic on this page ~_^) I'll add more here when i watch it ^_^


Other Inu Couples


Inuyasha and Kagome belong to the great Rumiko Takahashi, they don't belong to me.