Hello all...hmmm...if anyone is even here. I'm Untouchable Hexing Witch, but Hex for short, and i'll be your host for this visit. As you can see this is a couple shrine for all my favorite couples ^_^ So i hope you guys like and enjoy your stay ^_^

Everything here is either facts of episodes or 'MY' opinion on why some couples should be. If you don't like certain couples then don't read what I have to say about them, do not flame me for having an opinion on something! This place isn't anything special, just a place where i can give a tribute to all my fave pairings whether thier offical, or just my imagination. Feel free to take any of the images EXCEPT the ones i've made. If you want to use one of my siggy's please do ask first and NO DIERCT LINKING! If you would like to comment or ask a question feel free to e-mail me here ^_^ Enjoy yur stay ^_^



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Updated the Harry Potter Pages. Working on the Honorble Mentions for Cartoons, TV Shows and Novelas. Also updated the Mugen/Fuu Section as well as the Sherice/Ruyho since I've seen all of both series they belong to.


I've changed the look of the main page a bit. Just added some tables and change the main pic a bit. I think it looks good. Anyhoo hope you'll enjoy.


The Hp pages are up, they need to be updated though, the Inu pages need to be updated but I'm done with the Chemistry, Oppsites, from diff worlds and the jr xmen page as well as the Kenshin page ands they are all up ^^


All done with th Cardcaptor page which holds SS, ET and Nakuru/Touya goodness


I'm starting on the Cardcaptor page today...should be done by the end of the weekend ^_^


I just finished the Inuyasha and Kagome page so i'm feeling pretty good ^_^


Yay I've finished the X-men pages...now to get Inuyasha, Kenshin, Cardcaptors and a couple others...great...lol

12-23- 04

First day and this is the only page...lol i have a LOOOONNNGGG way to go

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