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Mercury Palace

Thank you for visiting the Mercury Palace. Please come back again. Please tell all of your friends to visit the Mercury Palace. Thank you very much. ~Commander Brittany~

Why I Love Sailor Moon

My Favorite Web Sites

A website that has stories, pictures of Mizuno Ami-Sailor Mercury, it also has games, you may see the guest book and sign it.There is also a link to the Cherry Hill e-mail service.
This is a website all about Sailor Moon in the United Kingdom. It has things from the anime and manga.It also has information on the new show PGSM.
This is a Sailor Moon site.It also has a drawing board and chat room.This also has a forum.It also has pictures.
This is a website dedicated to Sailor Mars. It has pictures of her it also has stories and a free e-mail.
This has many stories and has links to many other Sailor Moon sites.This site also has many awards.
This is a website dedicated to two OC Sailor Scouts.Sailor Ida and Sailor Elissa.This also has many Sailor Scout KISS dolls.