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-~Enchanted Awakenings~-
-~Council Members~-
-~Adoption Center~-
-~Art Center~-

Thanks for visiting,I hope you have a good time here!

This website was made by digitish!^-^
~Enchanted Awakenings~
Hello and Welcome to Enchanted Awakenings!This is a guild all about anime!I hope you enjoy yourself here!While your at it why not have a look around here?Maybe try a contest?Or add to our art gallery! -Digit

-under construction-

~Council Members~
-I need to talk to the council for this one-

~Adoption Center~
This is where you will be able to adopt a painted pet from one of the members of our guild.

1.You must at least be in the guild for a week and be active.
2.You have to neomail or contact the owner of the pet you want and tell them why you would be a good owner.
3.You and the owner of the pet must both be on at the same time.You then go to the adoption center and type in the name of the pet on the "search for a pet"part.You click "search"and start refreshing the page until that pet appears...Then get the pet!

If you would like to put one of for adoption the neomail digitish and tell her which one of your pets to post up...I'll take it from there!^-^

~Art Center~

If you have any anime that you drew and would like it posted simply neomail digitish the link to your picture and I'll post it up here!You have to have drawn it yourself!!!and no art stealers!I will also post the artist up here.

And I think(I have to talk this over with the council)You might be able to get some money when you post some...I dunno!lol

Have a nice day!