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New Staff!!!

kari Yay! we have two new staff members!^0^ Please welcome Lum and Hamster-Chan!

Lum | www | @ |
Hamster-Chan | @ | ~note--not sure about Hamster-Chan's E-mail~

As for configuration of the site, I got CKD a forum!! XD

Doodled by Kari at 9:53p.m. on Mar. 14, 2005

New name and layout!!

kariYay! Me and kiki changed the name to Celestial Kitsune Designs, and put up a new layout!! Ti is a premade tables layout from Komet Tails Designs. A site layout made by me is in the process of being sent to some one so they can code it! Domoarigatou Dazedheart!!

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