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Carmen and Hayley get ready for another insanity-filled day of the con

Carmen prepares for trouble...

...and Jesse emerges from the hotel room

Team Rocket, in full glory

Iczer 1 and Iczer 3 are found prowling around the lounge

Iczer 1, contemplating the universe

Lauren in her kick-ass Cammy costume

It's Big Chris, the cutest little schoolgirl at the convention

Team Rocket encounters some Pokémon fans

Dan as the dashing debonair, James of Team Rocket

Matt enjoys his first anime convention, while dressed as Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashitte

April as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII

Jon plays Vincent from Final Fantasy VII

Brad dressed as Eli, his character from NERO Seattle

Sara and Kim enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

The Dread Pirate Roberts wields a boffer sword

The krappy view from our window