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Happy Holidays, foolish mortals!

The threshold of spooky holiday fun
Jack and his Skellington crew have made the most of their holiday celebration, their enthusiasm made clear at first sight from the elaborate decoration of the Mansion's exterior. A Burtonesque bat perches atop the HMH entrance sign amid a blend of autumn harvest and winter holiday berries, vines and leaves, reinforcing the thematic mix of Halloween and Christmas.
Jack puzzles over snowflakes day and night

Here Jack still ponders the mystery of how to make a snowflake, seated atop a grinning pumpkin to the left side of the entrance sign above. This particular depiction of Jack is a set piece, not an animatronic -- but a much more articulated Skellington awaits guests inside the Mansion. A pumpkin-topped candelabra is set atop the brick column on the right side of the gate, as seen in the photo on the previous page.

From the gateway into the Mansion grounds, music wafts through the air, beckoning us onward...

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