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When you can't make up your mind between the two.

Thanks for visiting .hack//RUROUNI. Feel free to take a look around! I will be updating this website regularly, so be sure to come back. .hack//RUROUNI is still being worked on. By the way, if you see any mistakes anywhere on this site, please contact me and tell me about it. Mistakes I'm looking for include broken links, spelling or grammatical errors, etc. Thanks a bunch, and enjoy! ^^

-Ayen C.



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Hello everyone! This feature is simply so you know what's going on with yours truly. I'll write an entry every once-and-a-while, so that you know what's happening! I'll also be posting any special events that might be happening, including fanart competitions, banner competitions, fanfiction competitions, etc., so make sure and at least read the subject of each entry. ^^

July 19, 2005
Finally, a new layout!

So, this website is going pretty well! I've decided on the final layout of the site and designed the logo/title. Geez, that took a while... ^^; Well, we've got a new feature: Picture of the Month! Every month, my sis and I will decide on a great picture to post. Soon enough, we might even have a poll that you can take, voting on different things such as bishounen of the month, bishoujo of the month, things like that. That's about it for now. See you later! ^^

August 17, 2005
New Feature

Well, as you might know, we just added "Picture of the Month" as a new feature. Now you can go to the "Past Pictures of the Month" section of the site and... well, view the past Pictures of the Month. Pretty explanitory, huh? Just scroll down and click on the link right below the Picture of the Month. That's about it for now! See ya later! ^^

We have decided. The winner for the month of August is...

The dancing trio!

Past Pictures of the Month

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