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Welcome to Kurayami's Anime Fairy Tale Archive; Fairy Tales; Relena(part one)

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Relena(part one)


A Gundam Wing parody

This is a parody of the story, "Rupunzal" I don't own it. I also don't own Gundam Wing, which belongs to Hajime Yatate. Expect some OOCness and Relena bashing.

*** = time jump
~*~ =see footnote
-|-|- =meanwhile

There were once two parents who had a baby girl. This baby was so hideous, they set 'it' on the doorstep of a random house that just so happen to be a peace-loving family in a small country village. They opened their door one day, only to find a baby on their doorstep.

"We will call this thing Relena. Relena Peacecraft." The parents said as they took her inside. Relena had grown up during the next few years, but she still had the face that only a mother could love. Times had changed and the Peacecrafts were running low on food. Mr. Peacecraft went next door to ask their neighbor if he could borrow some vegetables from the garden.

He knocked on the door, waiting for someone to open it up. A strange woman with freaky eyebrows opened the door.

"What do you want?" She asked rudely.

"I was wondering if you could spare us some vegetables?" He asked as politely as possible.

"Only if you give me something of yours." She replied coolly.

"You can have our daughter. She means nothing to us." Mr. Peacecraft said, sealing the deal with a handshake.

If only the woman knew what a bad deal she had made...


The next morning, Mr. Peacecraft woke up Relena and told her she was moving away.

"Where am I going?" She asked with a half-yawn.

"Next door. Now get out." Her parents said almost literally throwing her out of the front door. "Good riddance!"

Relena wandered over to Dorothy's house, and onto the front step. She lightly tapped on the door, and waited. The woman with oddly trimmed eyebrows opened, giving Relena quite a start, but the woman was a little more startled about Relena's appearance.

"What are you?" She asked Relena, while she peeked behind the door.

"My name is Relena. My father sent me over here from next door. What's your name?" Relena asked.

"I'm the beautiful Dorothy. And if I traded three carrots, two turnips, and a cabbage for you, much more than you're worth." She sighed, opening the door. "Come in, come in." She offered.

"Thanks, Ma'am. Do you have any food?" Relena asked looking at her hopefully.

"On second thought, come with me." Dorothy said, pulling Relena out of the small cottage by her hand and leading her into the woods. "I have a more suitable home for you." She finished as she continued into the dense forest, finally approaching a clearing with a large stone tower in it. Dorothy pulled Relena inside, and lead her up the spiral staircase.

"I am tired!" Relena stated obviously. "Can I stop to take a break?"

Not far from where Bunny stood completely stumped about where to find the 'river' she was looking for, seven scouts who kept hearing random words being called out in the distance. Words like 'cheesecake,' and 'hungry.'


"Alright. I will keep going then." She again, stated quite obviously.

Dorothy shoved her into the top chamber and quickly slammed it shut, locking it behind her. "Woohoo!" She exclaimed, as she hurried down the stairs and over to where the window in the top chamber was located. "And if you try to escape, you'll be sorry." Dorothy said as she began to walk off. "I'm going to Bingo night, I'll be back at sundown. You'll have food then." And that was all she said as Relena stared out the window blankly, with a small smile on her face. About 30 minutes later, Relena spoke.

"I am hungry."


The day was still young, and in the big city, not far from the small country village Relena used to live was a huge castle. This was the Royal Palace. Inside the palace there was a prince. Prince Heero, of L1. For some unknown reason, the city where his palace was, was called L1. No one knew why, it's just the way things were. Heero sat by the window of the palace and looked out the window, without saying a word. Heero was bored. There was never anything to do in L1, and it got quite tiresome.

"Prince Heero, why don't you go explore the forest? Word is, there are many exciting things to occupy your time there." An old man with a long beard said. Prince Heero stood up, and glanced over to the old man.

"Better than staying here all day." Heero replied walking out of the room. Heero headed out of the large castle, and over to his gundam, which was odd because I don't think there was gundaniam alloy~*~¹ in this time period...regardless, Heero grabbed onto the metal chain-rope as he was lifted up onto the tall mecha~*~² as the front opened, revealing a complicated system. He sat down in the chair and typed in a code as his Gundam's eyes lit up and he blasted off away from the castle. In a matter of seconds, he landed in the forest, crushing trees, and other kinds of shrubbery. Heero opened the door, and jumped out of his mech~*~³ onto the forest floor. He began to walk along, weaving through the trees, until he came across a clearing with an old stone tower. He decided to get a closer look. The front door was boarded and barricaded, which obviously blocked his entry to the tower. Around the other side was a window, with a weird girl looking out. She saw Prince Heero and shouted with glee.

"Oh sweet prince! You have come to my rescue! Please come up this tower and spend some of your day with me!"

Prince Heero didn't speak at first. He looked at the old tower walls, for a moment.

"How do you suppose I should get up there?" He asked looking at the girl.

"You can climb up on my hair! But first, you have to say, 'Relena, Relena, let down your long hair'. Okay prince?" She said with a stupid smile.

Prince Heero sighed, a little vexed with the girl's stupidity, but he had nothing better to do.

"Relena, Relena, let down your long hair..." He said, sounding more annoyed by the second.

"Okay!" She said, beaming with happiness. "Here, grab on!" She shouted, as she threw her hair as far as it would go out the reached the window sill. Heero looked at her, dumbfounded.

"Are you stupid!?" He shouted angrily. "How the hell am I supposed to clime on your 'long hair' if it doesn't even reach half way down?"

"No, no...I said grab on." Relena rephrased, as if he hadn't heard the first time.

Heero sighed, slightly twitching, as he tried to suppress his anger.

"Stand back, you twit!" Prince Heero warned as he took a few steps away from the castle wall. Relena hurried out of the way, just as Heero jumped up, grabbing onto the ledge of the window sill, and pulling himself inside.

"That is so amazing! How did you ever manage to do that?" She asked, astounded.

There was a twinge of anger in Heero's eyes...

"Stop talking."

"Yesss sir!" Relena said. After a moment of silence between the two, she decided to ask his name since she hadn't since they met. "What can I call you?" She asked in the most 'damsel-in-distress' tone she could.

"My name is Heero Yuy. Pleasure." He said in monotone.

"Heero! You're bleeding!" She shouted randomly.

"Huh? Where?" He said, looking for a wound on his body.

"You're gonna stay with me?" She replied, once again, completely random.

"What the hell!?"

"Peace for all! Love!" She shouted looking out the window.

"That's it! I'm leaving! You psycho bitch!" Heero said as he turned to jump out the window. Just then, there was a noise that sounded like someone was breaking into the tower.

To be continued in part two of "Relena"...

Foot Notes:

~*~¹ Gundaniam Alloy: Gundams are made out of this special metal.
~*~²-³ Mecha/Mech: Giant robot, such as a gundam, or mobile suit.

Written by: Kurayami ♥