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Welcome to Kurayami's Anime Fairy Tale Archive; Contact <3


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Okies! Here are some rules and FAQ's you might have.

1) No small talk.

2) No pointless questions.
EX:What's your favorite color?

3) Why don't you write a fanfic for <>Insert fairy tale here<>?...Chances are I'm working on it, but if you really insist...go ahead.

4) Can I write a fanfic for <>Insert fairy tale here<>...If I haven't started working on the story and the characters you're using are from an anime I've never seen. So you may ask, as long as you fill me in and give me a sample of your writing. I'll most likely accept unless you write like this:
EX:ThE GURL was a Cool PERsin anD she liked to read!!111111!!11one!

5) Can we link our sites?...Yes, linking is fine. Just make sure to include your URL...Some people actually forget that. If I decide to link to you, I'll tell you.

6) Can I help with the site?...Nope. I have a few limited 'crew members' that include me, my sister, and a few friends. If you're a close friend of mine and I haven't actually asked for help and you want to help, feel free to ask me.

7) Can we be friends?...Sure, as long as you know how to type properly. That means as long as you don't type like this, we should be fine: EX:HIiiIIiiiII!!!!11

8) You suck! I hate your site!...I hate people like this. If you're going to be like this, I'm going to humiliate you.(If you don't think I can, bring it on.)

9) You have a broken link/spelling error...Thanks, but please tell me what page you found it on.

Now that all that's out of the way, feel free to email me. :) Thanks for reading. My email address is right HERE! ♥